pet doors for sliding doors

pet doors for sliding glass doors

Installing Pet Doors for Sliding Doors Flaps

Pet doors for sliding doors are needed for a family who has many dogs in their home. That is why pet door will be popular in recent years today. Before you build a pet door for your dogs or your cats, you should take a chance to find the kinds of pet door in market. Make a plan before buying a pet door is a wise thing to do. It will save your money and on the word, you will not spend your money uselessly.

Pet Doors For Sliding Glass Doors

The first thing that you have to think is the size of your pets. Ensuring you know about your pets’ size correctly. By knowing their size, your pets will be fit on their pet doors comfortably when they come and go on that.  To make sure about your pets’ size, you can make a cardboard, which is cut out of your pets’ size. Thus, you can bring this cardboard to pet doors installers to explain what do you want is.

Pet Doors for Sliding Doors in Various Flaps

Pet Doors For Sliding Doors Flaps

There are two types of flap in pet doors. The first type of flap is, transparent pet door flaps. The flap of this type can allow light come through both day and night. However, this type of flap has disadvantages are like, when the outside situation is dark, the light, which is coming from inside your home, will be a beacon to attract stray unwanted animals, in this case insects. The transparent flap in pet door also easily scratch, this condition will be a place for some bacteria to grow up. In addition, the growing up bacteria can affect your pets healthy finally. Furthermore, this transparent pet door flap is difficult to clean. Next, the second type of pet door flap is, opaque pet door flap. This flap will not attract unwanted insects like the transparent type.

The opaque flap has a plus mark that is; we can create it by ourselves. This flap type will not warp, become crack or even fade changing. This flap material is also easy to clean and will not give a chance for growing up bacteria. However, the main important thing is not located on the type, but the safety and quality things for your pets. It is the best if you choose the types of flap, which are suitable for your need in building pet doors for sliding doors.

Installing Pet Doors for Sliding Doors in Glass Material

Installing Pet Doors For Sliding Doors

If you are interested to glass material for installing sliding doors for pet doors, check this out these information’s below. You should clean the tracks of your pet sliding door from any rubble. Then, you should take the sliding door lock off and keeping it in a safe place. Stick on the sliding glass of your pet door into the sliding frame. Then, you take the sliding glass onto the sliding frame properly. Make the top part fit with the bottom part, using your steady hands to do it. Do some trials like push your door against the wall and tighten its friction knob. The friction knob will help you to keep your door from moving. Finally, follow that instruction in installing pet doors for sliding doors.

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