interior double french doors

install interior double french doors

Interior Double French Doors – How to Install

Install Interior Double French Doors for a Stylish Home Décor

Install interior double French doors to get a beautiful homey look design on the house. French doors are doors decorated with sets of glass panel. The original designs of French doors are made as double doors that can be swung opened whereas the new design of French doors is sliding French doors. However, both designs give the same effects on the house designs.

Install Interior Double French Doors for Historic Values

Install Interior Double French Doors

French doors were originally created in France in 17th century. The doors were inspired from windows that reach to the floor on balconies on upper stories of buildings and houses. The windows were soon transformed into doors that led to balconies on upper stories of buildings and houses. The doors were originally made of wood and wrought iron for structure and style. The glass panels were embedded in the doors to allow some natural light into the room. The glass panels on the doors which let some light into the room were necessary at that time because electricity had not been invented.

French doors were soon popular in England too. The designs of French doors have been developed since then, and the progress of the development still continues to these days. French doors are now not only installed as balconies doors on upper stories of buildings and houses but also as exterior doors on ground floors that are led to backyards, courtyards, and gardens in office buildings and houses. French doors are also even installed as interior doors to give beautiful and open looks to the rooms. Install interior double French doors for stylish and historic feelings.

Easy Steps to Install Interior Double French Doors

Interior Double French Doors Prehung

The easiest designs of French doors to be installed are the pre-hung French doors because the doors are already installed in frames. Therefore, the customers just need to install the frame on the door openings. The customers need to take accurate measurements of width and length of the door openings in order to purchase the proper size of the French doors for the door openings. Prepare the door openings carefully. Make sure they are smooth and leveled. Slide the French doors into the door openings. It is best to do this bottom first. Adjust the French doors so that they are centered. Level the French doors by placing wooden shims between the jambs and the studs, under the jambs, or behind the hinges. Place nails and screws that are long enough to penetrate the jambs and the stud behind them on every 8 inches along every jamb to fix the frame in place. Finally, install casing and trim pieces to cover the gaps along each jamb as well as to decorate the French doors. It is easy to install interior double French doors.

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