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Luxurious Contemporary House Design Inspired by Mid-Century Design

Amazing Empire Residence in Perth Australia Showing Modern Garage Door

Amazing Empire Residence in Perth Australia Showing Modern Garage Door

Empire house has contemporary house design that can amaze every people looking at it. It has gorgeous exterior design inspired by Mid-Century home design. The modern house has elegant exterior design with white color. It has some green plants around the house to create cozy atmosphere in the house. Let us see how beautiful the house is from the interior design of the house and find whether the house has white interior like we can see in its exterior or not.

If we see at a glance, this modern house design which is located in Pert, Australia has white interior which is combined with modern furniture. Let us see the living room first. Here, in the living room, the room designer did not put much furniture. You can only find long fabric sectional sofa which is combined with wooden table and two arm chairs with black seat. The beautiful wool rug is put on the wooden floor and LCD TV is mounted on the wall. Well, the choice of wooden material is the best idea. Besides wooden floor is identical with modern design, it can give other benefit to the room. It can create cozy atmosphere to the room. The living room is dominated with neutral colors like white, cream, black, and the natural color of timber. The splash of yellow color can be found in the throw pillow on the sofa.

Lightings are also important things in this house. In the living room, you can find ceiling lighting. Meanwhile, in the dining area you can find stylish pendant lamp. Talking about the dining room, the dining room is featured by rectangular dining table made of wood and chairs.

How about the bedroom? Well it can be said that the bedroom is minimalist bedroom. This room is also designed in neutral color. You can see how beautiful this white bedroom is. The beautiful bedroom is featured by white bed set wooden floor, white ceiling with ceiling fan, and large glass sliding door. The contemporary house design ideas can be inspirational house design for you.

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