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Magnificent Malibu House with Beautiful Interior

Amusing Swimming Pool Area at Beach View Estates Dr

Amusing Swimming Pool Area at Beach View Estates Dr

This Malibu house is kind of dream house for several people. Are you dreaming about awesome house in Malibu too?. This article will show you one example of stunning house in Malibu. This house was created by Eric knight and William King, Delba Wardrip, and Mike Jacobs. This home is located in one of favoritesummer place in Malibu, California, USA. And for your information the price of this house uis $7.85 million, really amazing price isn’t it?.

But the expensive price is really worth it. You can see the size of this house and both of exterior design and interior design of this house are really awesome. It is like paradise on earth. That house is really beautiful and luxurious. If you don’t have enough money to buy a house in Malibu you can take Malibu house rentals one night. Say in such a great place like Malibu will create amazing feel for you. Malibu is really relaxing and beautiful place for holiday. Even just one day in Malibu, you will wont regret.

Imposing Interior Design in Beach View Estates Dr Added by Lights Decor

Imposing Interior Design in Beach View Estates Dr Added by Lights Decor

Like this spacious house which is really elegant with cream color exterior. As we see in the picture the exterior of this house is dominated with cream color. The cream color is really brings the warm atmosphere in to this house. This house is also completed with some massive glass window. That window has function to let abundant supply of natural light in. Besides that, the massive glass wall is also accommodate the resident to see beautiful view of beach Malibu trough the house.

The interior design of this house is really elegant with modern and classy furniture. You can see in the living room is furnished with cream sofa with massive cushion that really comfy. In that living room you will also find fireplace covered with cream stone. That fireplace brings the warm effect in to the living room. With awesome exterior and interior design, how do you thing about Malibu beach house rentals one night is it great?

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