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Modern and Contemporary Apartment Interior in Moscow with Beautiful Project

Minimalist Frameless Glass Sliding Door as Moscow Apartment Bath Divider

Having contemporary apartment interior will be a very nice idea if you want to feel different nuance in your house. The apartment interior looks different compares to the other apartment design. Do you want to know them? Here, we have some pictures about a very comfortable apartment interior design in white theme. Here we go.

Look at the picture. In the picture, you can see the entire of the house is dominated in white color. Let’s see what we have for this contemporary apartment interior design. The sectional sofa has white color and it looks lovable.

Behind the white sofa, there is silver kitchen cabinetry in silver metallic color with a simple white wooden dining table near by it. The room has a big glass window covered in transparent curtains and gentle grey curtains. This is a very lovable place for you to spend your Sunday morning with your special one.

Contemporary Living Room Interior with Neutral Scheme of Moscow Apartment

The floor is made from wooden materials in bright brown color and it gives warm nuance in the housee like waht we have in the bedroom. In the picture, the bedroom looks very stylist and comfortable. The bed is placed in the middle of the room where we can feel so comfortable to stay longer here.

There is a private bathroom near by the bedroom that you can see form the picture. The wall is painted in flower ornamental pattern in white and creamy color combination. There is a green rack complete with vanity in the bathroom.

Glorious Master Bedroom Interior in Gray and White with Open Moscow Apartment Bathroom

This apartment is exactly designed like a modern hotel that offers comfort and satisfaction. In every room, you will feel like staying in an expensive hotel with high services. The apartment feels homey therefore you will be happy to spend your day here. Contemporary apartment interior design ideas like these will be a very great idea especially for you who are trying to find a comfortable apartment with contemporary design.

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