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Modern Mirror Design Ideas with Wooden Frame

Long Mirror DIY With Geometric Design

It can’t be avoided anymore the usage of Mirror Design Ideas in the inside of the house. The mirror is one of the most important needs that have to be applied in a house design. In a house design that is very interesting and modern, there is a great bathroom design.

That bathroom has a large design and it is also equipped with the best bathroom vanity as well. The bathroom vanity in that house is equipped with the existence of a very attractive mirror design. The mirror has a great design that is also finished with an interesting frame design.

Textured Mirror Frame Covered With Rope DIY

The combination of a great mirror that has large size and that is combined with the great frame design gives the best look and atmosphere to that bathroom vanity design. The most interesting thing from that mirror design is about the usage of the wooden material in that kitchen design. That mirror is applied on the room that is finished with the white wall painting color. It looks very interesting and unique.

There is also a great hook design that is finished in the area of that Bathroom Mirror Design Ideas. There is also a very nice and unique shelving unit. The shelving unit is made from the wooden material. The usage of the wooden material in that shelving unit is finished in the white color of painting idea.

Rope Covered DIY Mirror Frame

It looks very nice and great because it has wooden flooring unit. That wooden flooring looks very elegant and modern. There is one more attractive thing that can be found in that bathroom design.

That is about the existence of a very elegant curtain design. That curtain is finished in the brown color. That is an elegant and modern combination for house. There is also Wall Mirror Design Ideas that has been applied well.

Jute Wrapped DIY Mirror Frame

Sunburst Mirror Frame Made From Paint Sticks

Circular Mirror With Wooden Sunburst Frame

Weathered Wood Sunburst Mirror Frame

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