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Plush Scandinavian Interior Style in Crowd of British Environs

Chic Staircase with glass railing makes an important addition to the Highgate home

Chic Staircase with glass railing makes an important addition to the Highgate home

The characteristic of a Scandinavian interior is old-fashioned European design in absolute white and undone construction with great mixture of Swedish decoration within. Although stated in London, this house is stunning around with its solid ins-outs Scandinavian from tip to end part of the building. Contrast rustic design which is created by Thomas Griem from TG Studio, the realization of Highgate project will leave you in admiration.

Deliberately located in Scandinavian residential community, the exterior equally pops up in similar design. Mounted roof with obsolete roof tiles and squared glass roof as exception occur by bare brick constructions underneath. Casement windows ala Europe and plain frontage ala British become gradually make up characteristic. Walk through inside the house you will be greeted by tranquil and neat Scandinavian interior design which is totally colored in white. After pass the sheer white curtain, smooth pasty sofa and welcoming folding floor lamp please you to come in deeper.

Meet the kitchen is other advantage to enjoy the pure architecture of British and Sweden. White, white and white along the eyes could sweep out the interior, but the kitchen. Stainless and black appliances add another impression of white interior into monogram. And the dining room is just small space with wooden furniture colored in white also. Precisely located in the second level, sit in the dining room will give free vision to the lower level underneath and upper level above.

In the third level, there are two bedrooms; the first equipped with TV and queen bed, while the second one special for kid. Both of them designed in modern minimalist. In the other hand, master bedroom also completed with workstation. Go up by the stairway there is small bathroom and powder room in super minimalist design but too lavish to call simple rooms. Well, solid Scandinavian interior design style sorely pronounced in clear accent of the carved mirror and kinds of potteries inside of them.

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