prehung interior french doors

prehung interior french doors frosted glass

Prehung Interior French Doors

Easy “Do It Yourself” Prehung Interior French Doors Frosted Glass Installation

Prehung interior French doors frosted glass installation can be one of the “Do It Yourself” things for people. Prehung doors mean that the doors have already been installed in a frame. The doors can be opened and closed within its frame before being installed although it is better not to do so because the frame can be damaged. Prehung doors mainly consist of frame, door slab, and hinges. Because the doors are already prehung, it is easy to install it without the service of professionals.

Prehung Interior French Doors

Interior French doors are beautiful to be installed in a house. They are certainly not the usual doors. The glass panels on the French doors give a unique look to the house. The glass panels of the doors also allow more light into the room. A little downside about interior French doors is the lack of privacy. However, this can be solved easily with the correct window treatments for French doors. One of the window treatments for French doors is by installing frosted glass instead of clear glass as the glass panels of French doors. Frosted glass adds to the unique design of the French doors. The frosted glass still allows the light in the room while maintaining some amount of privacy. Therefore, frosted glass is the best kind of glass for interior French doors.

Easy Steps of Prehung Interior French Doors Frosted Glass Installation

Prehung interior French doors frosted glass installation only consists of a few steps. First, prepare all the tools needed such as retractable steel measuring tape, nails and hammer, screws and screwdriver, level, trim and casing, caulk, batt insulation, and shims.

Prehung Interior French Doors Frosted Glass

Next, construct the door frame needed for prehung French doors. Remove the existing casing and trim from the previous door by using hammer. Then, measure the opening of the door by measuring tape. Take accurate measurement of the length and height of the opening door. Next step is purchasing the prehung interior French door. Prehung interior French doors are available in many designs. Of course, it is important to buy the correct size of the doors. Match the door sizes with the measurements of the opening before. Finally, install the door by sliding it into place on the door opening. Level the unit by placing wooden shims behind the hinges. Fix the door by nails and screws. Place insulation between the jambs and install casing and trim pieces.

Easy Way to Make Frosted Glass on Prehung Interior French Doors Frosted Glass Installation

Prehung Interior French Doors Installation

Frosting glass can be done easily without professional service by using frosting film. Apply the frosting film carefully on the glass of the French door. Then, spray it with frosting spray. Finally, paint acrylic wall paint glaze on it. And voila! It is so easy to do prehung interior French doors frosted glass installation.

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