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Renovating Home Interior in Modern and Colorful Design Ideas

Beautifully Lit Interiors Of Melbourne Residence

A home interior will be decorated to be more nice and lovely. For you who want to renovate your house, you need some information and references so that you can decorate your house in different nuance. Now, here we have some pictures about a very lovely design of home interior which is inspired by Melbourne design ideas.

Look at the picture. In the first picture we can see the house has glass wall so that we can see what’s inside the house. The house looks very cool by applying this glass wall because you can also apply sees the beautiful scenery and your outdoor space design.

Kew Renovation By Canny Design

Near the dining room, you can see there is a pool with blue water which looks very fresh and cold. From the kitchen and the living room, you can also see this blue water that makes your feeling feels comfortable. You can see this home interior design and take this as a reference to renovate your house.

Glass Walls Present An Open Interior

When you come inside to the living room, you can see a very comfortable and minimalist design of living room. You can see the sofa has brown color and it looks very suitable with a rug in geometrical patterns and has black and white color. The table is made from wooden materials in black color and the room looks very simple. Almost all of this house use glass door and glass window so that it has a very nice lightings in blue color.

Modern Living Room Of Melbourne House

Recessed Lighting Outdoors

When you come into the bedroom, you will feel different nuance is given by this bedroom. The wall is painted in grey color and it has white and black theme. The rug on the floor has dark grey color in abstract patterns. On the wall, there hanging abstract paintings in colorful colors such as pink, white, yellow, and red.

In some part of the room, the floor is made from marble and wooden materials. It makes the room gives different nuance in different rooms. This is a very beautiful home that gives comfort, isn’t it? Home interior design ideas like this will make your family feels comfortable and want to stay longer here.

Gorgeous Artwork In The Bedroom

Smart Glass Addition For An Open Living Area

Contemporary Kitchen Island In Black

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