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Sensational Minimalist House Interior Indicates Luxurious Style

Black Chairs And White Table In Work Space

Decorate your house interior into minimalist style in order to save space. Minimalist concept is able to arouse wide visualization. For example, bedroom below is designed as Minimalist House Interior. Luxurious canopy bed made of wood in high gloss finish is polished in neutral color. Hidden lights behind modern canopy bed arouse wonderful lighting effect.

Small bedside tables made of lacquered wood are melded on large canopy bed. Cushy bed covered with white quilt looks cool because it is combined with black pillows. Glass sliding door nearby canopy bed enables you to walk out at balcony where lounge chairs are available.

Antique Desk Lamp In Wooden Desk

White themed bathroom is also regarded as luxurious Minimalist House Interior. Flashy white decoration in this bathroom seems so clean and bright. Large bath tub in rectangular shape enlightened with shiny hidden light mesmerized everyone who comes into this bathroom.

Black wall shelf adhered on white wall tile looks contrasts on white themed bathroom. Glass door covering this bathroom gives classy look. Large wall shelf and cabinet in white color are adjusted with white themed interior.

Black Screen Flat TV Above Fireplace

Bedroom View From Bath Area

Transparent Glazed Door For Shower Area

Kitchen decorated in white is facilitated with high class kitchen set in white too. There is indoor garden containing beautiful ornamental plant. It is surrounded by glass wall. Wood floor matches with white kitchen set because they are identical with natural character.

Luxurious kitchen appliances are fitted on white kitchen set. Dining room is also designed as luxurious interior. Lacquered wood dining table with black side chairs is enlightened with classy chandelier.

White Kitchen Island

Wooden Dining Table With Beautiful Bark Chandelier

Behind dining set there is large bookcase in white. This bookcase contains not only books but also cute ornaments as eye catching decoration. White drapes surrounding this luxurious Minimalist House Interior design contrasts with black furniture. The owner intentionally creates contrastive sight between white and black interior decoration.

Living room that is decorated in white is also furnished with black sofa set. Lighting and furniture indicates high class taste.

Large White Shelf

Black Sofa In White And Soft Brown Wall

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