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Several Window Treatment Ideas to Decorate Your Window

Two Toned Green Window Treatments

A beautiful window with great view can be designed to be more attractive with several window treatments. To install the treatment itself is should be based on consideration, of context and purpose. It’s out of context if you draw permanent covering on your window, with a great green view outside the room, and the room itself is not for privacy purpose.

Several window treatment ideas, such as covering the windows with hard treatments like shutters, window blinds, window shades, or soft treatments by applying curtains or drapery. For your large windows with semi private purpose, such as in living room, you can install curtain with soft and matching color of your interior. For small and repetitive windows placed in array, the drapery is suitable. If you want to avoid direct sunlight from your window, you can install window blinds or window shade, but for a great view adjacent on your room, you should not choose window blinds that block the view, except if you need more privacy purpose. When the glass is transparent enough and disturbs your private time, the covering is a good option. But you can change the glass to frosted glass; this also let you enjoy direct light from outdoor, without revealing your private business. Placing a noise preventing shade can be useful also.

Stylish Window Coverings With Asian Influence

For bedroom window treatment, you can apply the ideas described above with a good reasons and context condition for sure. Don’t block the view to garden next to your bedroom because you look at beautiful coverings, or don’t apply windows blind if you don’t even need that. Various circumstances lead to different solution, that’s a fact.

Before going to install new treatment on your window, just make sure to check the condition and circumstance around, in order to put your window treatment functionally and beautifully.

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