shoji sliding doors

shoji screen sliding doors

Shoji Sliding Doors in Installation and Choosing Material

How to make Shoji sliding doors can be one hard question to answer if people start to install this sliding door for their room at the first time. It comes from Japanese style of architecture. In Japan, this door is used for dividing one room to another room. The material of the screen is translucent paper and for the frame, it is made from the mixture of wood or bamboo.

Shoji Sliding Doors

Nowadays, Shoji sliding door is made from modern material like plastic in manufacturing processes. Shoji sliding door is designed to slide open; we can open this sliding door by swinging it.  If you want an Asian atmosphere is entering your room, this choice is better for you. It is also easy to install by yourself.

Shoji Screen Sliding Doors; Installation Steps

Shoji Screen Sliding Doors

The main important thing to do is, make a wooden frame; the frame can be 7 feet high and 5 feet wide in measurement, and nail four rectangular shapes for the frame by using wood material. Then, cut the ends of the wood in diagonal about 45 degrees. Connected with 7 foot vertical and 5 foot horizontal by using glue and small nails, and then build a grid in 1 inch by one by one dowel. It will be five dowels for 7 foot vertical and seven dowels for 5 foot horizontal. Next, you attach the grids to the inside part of the frame using nails or glue to make six panels.

You glue the rice paper to the backside of the panel. If once glue is dry, you glue another panel on top of the first panel before. Repeat these until get six panels are glued. Then, marking the spot on each panel where you want to put the hinges. Next, you can put your Shoji screen everywhere you want. Thus, you have known to answer how to make Shoji screen sliding doors.

How to Make Shoji Screen Sliding Doors; Choosing Shoji Paper

How to Make Shoji Sliding Doors

Several things to consider when you want to make Shoji screen are like, decide the location you want to install this sliding door. If you want to install it for your family room, you should choose the tear-proof laminated paper. However, if you want to install Shoji sliding door for your bathroom, you are better to choose waterproof acrylic plate. In addition if you want Shoji paper in various looks like soft, or natural look, just choosing Shoji paper, which is labeled washi, kozo, natural, cream and tan. May these info can make you more understand to answer how to make Shoji sliding doors.

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