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Simple Contemporary House Plans with Modest but Elegant Appearance

Amazing Details Interior with Classic Chandelier and Glass Table

In many regions the opportunity to use contemporary house plans is very wide known. It is also apply to this modest contemporary house which is located in Cancún, México. The house is flanked by the neighbor house nearby which did not allow the house to breath freely. The lights that used to be the center point of the contemporary house seems like not used if the house will be fully build upon the land.

That is why it will need adjustment to make the house have the light and privacy needed. Warm Architects renovate this Cereza House with some adjustment which makes the contemporary house plans design get the proper natural light and needed privacy.  Some part of the land is left empty and instead of it is being a building, you can see it is made elongated courtyard with small garden. White pebbles and mother in law tongue’s plant make fresh and clean atmosphere. The elongated courtyard is a pathway to the house entrance.

Unusual Wooden Detail between White Concrete Stairs Footing

When the house seems just to have openers in the front side, you should enter the house to know where the other openers are. The first thing you will see when entering the house is the contemporary living room with two floor ceiling. The red brick accent wall is made from the first floor up to the second floor coffered ceiling. But what makes me amazed is the floor to ceiling glass windows on the side of the room. Small elongated garden in the front of the floor to ceiling windows make enough room to allow the lights and privacy to this house.

Simple and elegant contemporary furniture that is used in this particular house enhance the beauty of the house. The seemingly floating stairs from concrete looks amazing and you can see the industrial image is softening by the use of wooden beam parts of the stairs. The upper side of the house is being sustained by wood beam pillar. The choice of using minimalist contemporary house plans design really seems like the best option for the stylish couple that live in this house.

Luxurious Opulence and Industrial Living Room with White Sofaand Black Sofas

Fabulous Handleless Stairs with Concrete Footing near White Wall

Attractive Side View with Awesome Lighting at Night

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