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Simple Door Less Shower to Make You Open the Door Easily

Doorless Shower In Modern Bathroom

Applying door less shower will make you easily open the shower without getting locked by it. Sometimes, shower with a door is very difficult to be opened. Therefore, there is one way to make your shower time is more comfortable by applying door less shower and substitute the door with other cover such as shower curtains.

Here, we have some pictures about door less shower that will make you will so comfortable to stay here longer. In the first picture, we can see the shower has no door at all, and it is okay. The shower room is placed in the corner of the room near the towel rack.

Placing the shower here will give you privacy because the room is surrounded by granite wall in natural stone color, grey. This is one of door less shower design that you can choose to be applied in your house.

Brown Tiles Bathroom With Door Less Shower

In the next picture, you can see shower is dominated in black, pink, and green color which looks very lovable. The transparent curtains in geometrical pattern make you feel more comfortable. The shower room is designed very simple and minimalist so that you do not need to worry because it is not expensive.

However you have to think about its drainage. Drainage is very important, we will discuss about drainage in the next paragraph.

Door Less Shower With Penny Tiles

A shower room should have a good drainage so that the water will not flow anywhere. Sometimes they make the shower floor is lower than the entire bathroom floor. Even though your shower has no door, but you still can make the floor is clean from water. What do you think? It is a great door less shower deign right? Door less shower design ideas like this is dedicated for simple person like you.

White And Bright Bathroom With Doorless Shower

Oriental Bathroom With Doorless Shower Design

Fancy Bathroom Shower With No Doors

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