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Sliding Door Blinds

How to Choose Proper Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding Door Blinds Between Glass

Having sliding door at home installation is something that necessary to make our room larger than usual. The technique is used to save enough space in our room if we open the door. Commonly, the usual door that use side hinge will need a lot of free space when we want to open it. However, it will be big problem for us who have small home which fully with many furniture or things inside of our home. Because of that, people can use sliding door as the most appropriate solution for that problem. However, it is new problem for people who want to give some decoration with using sliding door blinds in their door. People often confuse to choose which blinds is the most appropriate for their sliding door.

Sliding Door Blinds Ideas

For people who want to use blind to cover and give ornament to the sliding door in their home, it is great choice because with using blind, the sliding door will increase in the appearance. The blind usage will give elegant appearance to the room, which have sliding door installation. However, to gain what people really desire to have perfect room with using sliding door blinds, they can choose two blinds type. The blind types are vertical blind and horizontal blind. Each of the blind types has different function to give to our room if people want to have maximum result in room appearance.

The Different of Vertical and Horizontal Sliding Door Blinds

When people want to install sliding door blinds, they need to choose wisely about the vertical or horizontal blinds that will give influence of the room appearance. We will discuss one by one benefit of those two types of blinds that we can use. The first is the vertical blind type that will be great if people use when they have small room. Why it is great to use vertical blind type to install in small room is because with installing vertical blind, we can create the wide environment from installing that vertical blind. We will use psychology perception, which can make our small room look wider because we use something vertical thing in our room.

Sliding Door Blinds Shades

It is different if we want to make our room has higher ceiling, we are not using vertical blind type but we will use horizontal blind that will create high psychology perception in our room. However, we also need to think first that our ceiling is proper enough to use the horizontal blind type. We need to make our ceiling look bright with using bright color on our ceiling. It is because with using horizontal sliding door blinds in our room, our ceiling will be exposed. Moreover, if we do not have bright ceiling, with using this horizontal blind will make our room appearance look terrible.

How to Install Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding Door Blinds Repair

After we have discussed about what blind type is the most appropriate to use in our room, now we will discuss about how to install it in our room. Some people do not want to pay service to install the blind in their home. It is because they want to install it by themselves. If people want to install it with their own hand, it is ok and very easy. We only need to install drape first as the place where we will hang the sliding door blinds.

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