sliding door dog door

sliding door dog door reviews

Sliding Door Dog Door Pros and Cons Reviews

Sliding door dog door is popular in several years ago but it still be happening until right now. This type of door is very easy to install. Actually, a dog door is a small gateway; it can be in window, wall or even in human being door. The function of dog door is to let your dog enters or exits your home fast. This dog door will let your dog’s come and go appropriate with their please. The materials of this type of door will be various. However, the most common choice is aluminum or glass. In addition, the type of dog door can be various too.

Sliding Door Dog Door Reviews

There are three kinds of dog door such as, the standard type, the electronic type and the lightweight type. The first type is the standard type, this type is easy to install and made from environmentally friendly materials. The framing of this door is aluminum. Then, the second type is, the electronic type. This type is made from tempered glass or powder coated aluminum. The main thing in this type is, having a receiver tool to receive a code is coming from your dog’s collar. Next, the last type is, lightweight. This type is very easy to install. The main material of this type is plastic components. This is the best dog door if you do not want to spend too much money.

Sliding Door Dog Door History

Sliding Door Dog Door

This type of door has an interesting history. At the first time, people called this door as cat door in 1959. At that time, this door has a simple shape. The dog owners just make a hole in their walls or doors to let their pets, dog or cat comes and goes free. The founder of this door is Sir. Isaac Newton. One day he wants to conduct a research about color and light in a room in his home. He wants to control the light in order to make the room to be dark.

However, suddenly his cat pushes the door open and makes all lights come into the room. He does not want to dishearten his cat, so he decide to make a hole in his door to let his cat comes and goes easily. He cuts the a little part of his door, makes a hole, and covers it with a flat. This thing can allow his cat comes and goes into his room in the meantime he still can conduct his research. That is the early concept of sliding door dog door.

Sliding Door Dog Door Pros and Cons

Sliding Door Dog Door Pros and Cons

Actually, the main purpose of door dog is just to make dog comes and goes as his or her please. However, this door has some pros and cons for some people. For cons sides are, some people think that this door will also makes the stray animals follow your dog enter your home. In addition, this door will be a contribution if your dog lost. Since, when you dog can go outside free, it means your dog also can go outside the backyard and can bother your neighbors. However, from pros sides are, this door will make your home is far away from mess, and it will not make the homeowners are busy to always opens and closed the door. How about your opinion in sliding door dog door?

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