sliding glass door drapes

sliding glass door drapes insulated

Sliding Glass Door Drapes for Both Beauty and Function

Sliding glass door drapes shades insulated have a classic look besides some practical functions. Sliding glass door that is insulated by drapes shades can match any of home decor easily because of their simple and classic style. The drapes are also available in many colors, fabrics, textures, and patterns to enrich the home decor so that they are not plain and boring.

Sliding Glass Door Drapes

Why Use Sliding Glass Door Drapes Shades Insulated

Drapes shades as insulation of sliding glass door have many advantages. Besides from being stylish, classic, and simple, they also serve to meet the functional aspects that have to be fulfilled by insulating materials of sliding glass door. The drapes are available in any degree of opaqueness, ranging from thinly sheer to heavily opaque. This opaqueness of drapes provides insulation from excessive natural light and unwanted eye gazes through the glass panel of the sliding glass door. Two or more drapes with different levels of opaqueness can be installed to provide some levels of control over the natural light and privacy in the room.

Sliding Glass Door Drapes Insulated

Sliding glass door drapes shades insulated can save some energy and money. The properly arranged and installed drapes on sliding glass door can prevent heat inside the room from seeping outside during winter. So, the heater does not need to work very hard and people can save some energy and money that is used to run the heater. The drapes can also prevent the hot air from entering the room during summer. Therefore, the drapes protect the cool air inside the room. Energy and money can also be saved because the air conditioner to cool down the room does not need to be turned on in very cold temperature.

Installing Sliding Glass Door Drapes Shades Insulated

Sliding Glass Door Drapes Shades

Proper installation and arrangement of drapes shades are needed to create the best insulation for sliding glass door. The key point of the best thermal insulation by drapes shades for sliding glass door is to prevent the cold or hot air outside from entering the room. To achieve this, the drapes shades should cover the sliding glass doors entirely. This can be done by adding 1 or 2 inches to the width measurement of sliding glass doors. Therefore, the width of the drapes shades that cover the sliding glass doors are 2 inches longer than the sliding glass doors. This additional inch of drapes ensures that the sliding glass doors are covered entirely and the air inside the room cannot touch the glass panel of the sliding doors and therefore the temperature of the air would not be absorbed by the glass panel of the sliding doors. Create friendly room temperature by properly installing sliding glass door drapes shades insulated.

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