sliding room dividers ikea

sliding door room dividers ikea

Sliding Room Dividers Ikea

Speaking of Sliding Room Dividers Ikea

Sliding Room Dividers Ikea

Sliding room dividers Ikea can be a right choice if you want to divide your room by using a sliding divider. If you have large or small space in your room, sometimes you need to make it divide. For an example if your room is too large, the bedroom and the closet are connected just like that, and it will not look good from decoration view. Thus, you need to install a divider between the bedroom and the closet.

The same thing also happens in your small space. If you lived in apartment and there is no additional space between your living room and your bedroom, you also need to install a divider. A divider installation is just not for divide from one room to another room actually, but it can help you to have a nice decorating view in your room. As you already knew that, a divider can give a nice touch into your room.

Sliding Door Room Dividers Ikea in Easy Installation

Sliding Door Room Dividers Ikea

If your budget is limited, you can try to find sliding door as your divider room by Ikea. This thing is simple but nice and you can install it by yourself. You have to know first about the measurement so go for measuring your room that you want to put a sliding door divider. You should take the measurement from the track, this is important for install the ceiling. Then, provide two wooden frames, and you mount those to the ceiling part, walls and floor parts. After that, you mount your sliding door from Ikea product and you tidy up the wooden frames.

The simplicity of this sliding door divider is located on its style and light aluminum material, but still nice with frosted glass screen. Frosted design in glass screen seems simple but attractive to see. This design is made from by keeping stencils on a clear glass screen and the sandblasting effect for the last process. In addition, sliding door room dividers Ikea would be the best choice for you.

Another Idea of Sliding Door Room Dividers Ikea

Sliding Door Room Dividers Ikea Idea

Besides the common sliding door, Ikea product provides PAX doors (Ikea PAX wardrobes) which are used for dividing your room, and at the same time, you can hide your closet. One great thing about this product is the huge sliding doors. In addition, this thing also great in price, so you will not feel useless when buying this perfect room divider product. The installation of this product is also easy to perform because you will get some tutorial there. Thus, jump out and let’s install sliding door room dividers Ikea!

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  1. Jaco Roux says:

    Good day I have a room that I would like to devide, the one area would be a gym area and the other a office, and I think your product idees will be perfect

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