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Smart Bathroom Design Inspirations

Modern Bathroom Designs With Wood Floor

Talking about the bathroom design, you will see that the development of this design is way very fast these days. If couple of years ago the design of the bathroom is just plain and boring, you can now have a look on gorgeous design of bathroom. The bathroom is very vital for a home area and it starts to be seen as something important to be designed well. But what need to be noticed while designing bathroom area?

The most important thing in designing a bathroom is to keep in mind about the original function of the bathroom itself. You need to consider about the functionality of your bathroom beyond the design.

When you want your bathroom area to be fabulous in design, make sure that any act to make it fabulous wouldn’t distract the sanitary function of your bathroom. In short, you need to consider about healthy bathroom design when designing bathroom area.

Gray Bathroom Idea With White Wash Basin

Semi Open Bathroom With Wooden Floor

The first thing to achieve health design for bathroom area is the concept. If you want it to be a dry bathroom, make sure that you have enough space to separate the shower and bath rub room from the closet.

But if you want it to be a wet bathroom, you can just mix it all together. The next thing is the lighting. It is very important to give enough lighting for the bathroom area. Pick lamp that produce warm and soft light to make it comfortable for your eyes to see everything on the bathroom.

Cheerful And Bright Bathroom For Girl Room

Nice Bathroom Design With Mini Indoor Pool

Last but not least, ventilation is also important for the health of your bathroom area. The high humidity would be a perfect place for the germs to live so that you need to make sure that there is enough ventilation on your bathroom area.

Enough ventilation would make it easier for the heat to be transferred from inside to the outside and also keep the humidity level normal. Well, these are some bathroom design ideas you can use to make your bathroom healthy and comfortable.

Beautiful Bathroom Design With Round Bathtub

Open Roof Bathroom With Stone Wall

Exotic And Romantic Bathroom Design

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