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Smart Interior Courtyard and Ceiling Design in the Minimalist House

Astonishing Living Room Design with Great Black Chandelier

Astonishing Living Room Design with Great Black Chandelier

Combination of modern and contemporary design of this house are shown by the interior courtyard and calling design of this house. From the outside view, this house is like an old house consists of boxes and black fence bar. On the second floor there is glass fence that is used to divide the balcony. Very simple design is shown by this house from the front side.

Entering the house, you will find green grasses as the interior courtyard beside the house. This little yard is also completed by floor lighting along the wall. It will give interesting view from the inside of the house. The free space also has function to give the fresh air and let the sunlight to join in the house.

In the inside of the house, you will find modern design of living room. One of the factors that make this room looked modern is Crystal lamp that hangs above the room. Transparent wall that is divided between living room and the courtyard also make this room look so bright in daylight. Simple design of white sofa combined with glass table makes this room looked elegant.

Stepping on the stairs of the room, you will find interchangeable stairs design. One of the stairs is painted in chocolate color among the white colors. You will find another sofa bed as seating place. The bedroom of the house is also located in the second floor. Simple design is shown by the bed by using combination of gray color in the blanket and white color in the bed.

If you pay attention to the design of the second floor, the second floor is only loft. It is because the ceiling of this house is made in high position with twinkle lighting decorating the ceiling. The free space of the second floor is used as place to hang the big Crystal lamp. This home interior ceiling design give uniqueness in this minimalist house.

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