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Some Helpful Window Cleaning Tips

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Window becomes an eye of the house. In addition to the eye of house, Window becomes one of many parts inside the house that has many advantages for the house. Some advantages that are brought by window are window is used to bring air ventilation and natural illumination ray inside the house. For this reason, many people try to clean the window from any dust that can make the window becomes dirty. Many people assume that it is very easy to clean a window. However, it is not as easy as many people thought since there are many factors that determine the clean rate of window. For this reason, there are some window cleaning tips that are very useful for many people who want to clean their window by their self. By knowing those tips, many people can clean the inside and outside house window to bring clear and beautiful scenery for many people inside the house.

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Modern Windows In The Living Room

The first tip is about the material that is used to clean the window. Vinegar can be used as a material to clean the house by mixing it with water. Mix the two tablespoon of white vinegar with a gallon of water. The mix of those materials can create a clean and sparkling window. Add lemon juice to bring good scent to the white vinegar. Afterward, pick a soft cotton fabric to clean the window.

Modern Bedroom With Corner Windows

The other tip of window cleaning tips is the window needs to be cleaned on mild weather like cloudy day because the heat and bright illumination ray can disturb any window cleaning activity. For this reason, just clean the window when the weather comes in mild or cloudy day. After the window cleaning activity, just enjoy the new appearance of window like a newly and fresh bought window.

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