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Sophisticated High Tech Gadget for Kitchen: Touchscreen Kitchen Tools

Almighty Board by Yanko Design with Modern Decoration Ideas

Almighty Board by Yanko Design with Modern Decoration Ideas

Being cooking lovers mean you must be high tech gadget addicts. Nowadays, everything needs technology, not exception while working in the kitchen. We know that sometime high-tech will cost much money, but the advantages we get will save lots of money than use traditional one. What kinds of gadgets could have in the kitchen? Here they are some samples that will make the cooking time feels more enjoyable than before.

Use tablets to support activities in the kitchen are not something brand new. Since the latest high tech gadget released in 2014, tablets just like an obligation to be fulfilled. Sungale NetChef is new form of touchcreen gadgets that will help the users to connect with hundreds webs around the world and find out 500 recipes within. The internal memory of this sophisticated white gadget is 4GB and you can insert external memory up to 32GB.

To mate the tablet in the kitchen, some designers already created tablet holder for simpler lifestyle. Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount is one of numerous trendy tablet holders which so much moveable and flexible. The other cool tablet holder is created by Frank Vogel and Paul Turner from Steelie. There two models of tablet holders which are released by these designers, tabletop stand and magnetic tablet holder. The first one is a cute tool with small size and rolling ball board to help the user positioning the tablet, while the second one easily stack on magnetic media.

The other touchscreen device that will help to do cooking activities is Almighty Board from Yanko Design. It has similar function as iPad, when you need it as cutting board, then there. Moreover, the screen wouldn’t be damaged or broken when you cut off something on it; thick and powerful, but very light to bring anywhere. Looking backwards how latest high-tech electronic gadgets could affect modern lifestyle you need to have one of these culinary gadgets above.

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