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Splendid Modern Bathroom Applicable Review

Shower Glass Door And White Bathtub In Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Feeling relax and refresh after busy working hour should be important for most of people then properly modern bathroom could be one of the simple example that could bring you back to fresh and fir condition. This review is going to show some designs and furniture that could apply right at your private bathroom.

Since clean and bright venue looks very famous today, this review is dominated by contemporary bathroom space design so have a sit and don’t miss that thing

Here are some photos examples of splendid bathroom idea. The modern bathroom fitting was commonly using bold colour such as white and black as monochrome combination.

Black marble bathroom backsplash matched with glossy white marble closet and white wooden stair towel handle should be nice to see at compact bathroom design while bright plant such as yellow flower posit on glass tube vase could enhance natural ambience right away then for clean and tidy reason, amber clothes basket located at the room corner is helping you collect the used clothes.

Red Shoes And Doormat With White Bathtub And Closet In Black Bathroom

Besides, dark brown wooden wall décor matched with broken white marble flooring is best applied in such open bathroom space idea where hue glass counter top installed with black wooden cabinet can be matched with white marble bowl sink with rectangular mirror attached above the sink stuff.

Instead of applying white palette, amber shade could be an option to feel serenity ambience where sunken rectangular bath tub installed beside glass shower area without any accessories which making this design so clean and simple.

White Bathtub And Washbasin On Black Cabinet

Another project is showing floating beech wooden counter combined with golden mosaic bathroom backsplash while Japanese sunken bathtub becomes the choice to spreading traditional ambience. Eventually, white marble leaf bathtub accent matched with modern bathroom fitting furniture such as black glossy seat and white curtain drapery.

Amazing White Bathtub And Black Chair And Sandal

Big Mirror With Shampoo And Soap Rack

White Bathtub And Washbasins Also Closet In White Bathroom

Beautiful White Bathtub With Double Round Window

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