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Studio Room Divider

Installation and Suggestions in Studio Room Divider Curtains Ideas

Studio room divider curtains ideas are the most important thing to decor your studio room. To divide one room to another room, sometimes we do not need a new building again. We can choose the inexpensive choice to do that like using some curtains. Hanging curtains for dividing room can be used for large room and small room. The usage of curtain has two advantages such as giving some privacy and decor your studio room to be more attractive.

Studio Room Divider

Curtains are perfect for people who lived in apartment. This is because apartment has limited space and need a divider to make it look large. The installation of curtains is also easy to do, so you can do that by yourself.

Studio Room Divider Ideas; Installation Part

If you do not know yet about the installation of curtains as divider in your studio room, you need to pay attention to these. First thing you do is, decide the location where you want to put curtains, and measure the space between two walls you want to hang the curtains. Then, by using tape measure, try to find out the exact measurement of that. Next, you write the measurement (width and height) down in a piece of paper. After that, you drill a small hole on the wall and then take a cable then measure it. Exaggerate the cable measurement 12 inches longer than your width measurement, and cut it with wire cutter. Dangle one of the end cables using the eye screw; you push approximately 6 inches through the hole.

Studio Room Divider Ideas

You curl up the cable and wrap it around the eye screw by using tongs to make it tight. Then, you should wrap it with extra wire to make it secure. Next, you slide the curtain clips onto the cable approximately 6 inches of curtain material. This is depended on your own curtain styles. Then, you span your cable across the space that you want to hang curtains and dangle the end of cable through the other eye screws. Finally, attach the curtain to its clip. Then, enjoy the result of installation of studio room divider curtains ideas.

Studio Room Divider Curtains Ideas; Suggestions Part

Studio Room Divider Curtains

When you want to hang a curtain for dividing your studio room, you must also know about the other things behind that like, if you want to have a spacious look in your studio room, it is better for you if you choose curtains which are sheer. Do not try to choose heavy curtains, which are having too many prints and materials such as velvet and jacquard. However, do not be afraid to choose curtains with some attractive colors like fuchsia, sea green or azure blue to make your studio room looks more chic. Hopefully, you will be helped by this article on studio room divider curtains ideas.

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