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Stunning Bathroom Design: Say No to Boredom

Modern Luxury Bathroom With Colorful Details

As rejuvenating place, bathroom design should be part of feeling fresh and passionate. Do not underestimate the power of a great bathroom design since it will enhance your mood and turn it better. In modern life people tend to create a simple and sleek bathroom with neutral tones which actually a little boring. You will need something to jazz up the bathroom atmosphere by adding bathroom accents.

The first bathroom design ideas is to make the bathroom look simple but also looks stands out. You can place built in vanity table with drawers in the bathroom. The simple horizontal lines from the dark wood appearance of the vanity table look standout among the white bathroom color.

You can place a rectangular bathroom sink to imitate the clean horizontal line of the vanity table. Placing mirror over the sink also a great idea especially when the mirror is stretched from side to side.

Eye Catching Artwork In A Modern Bathroom

Add dashing color to the minimalist bathroom is also a brilliant idea. In this red bathroom you can see the combination between white walls with red bathroom tiles on the wall creating a marvelous spark. If you think that red is too much of course you can try for other way to make it stand out.

Vibrant Red Wall In A Modern Bathroom

In the brown bathroom with brown tiles the loop space below mirror bathroom cabinet is looking astonishing with the golden appearance. The shine comes from the lights that are installed in the bottom of the cabinet which creates beautiful shine on the bathroom.

Brown Bathroom With Blue And Gold Details

You also can add freshness in the bathroom by simple placing greenery décor inside. You can place flowers in the vase décor which looks stand out with white or neutral bathroom walls.

In the luxurious bathroom you can add charm by using glass partition, black tufted bench and of course glamour chandelier that hang from the ceiling. Marvelous bathroom design ideas should not be hard, just look at below gallery for more inspiration.

Leaning Calla Lilies

Chandelier In A Contemporary Bathroom

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