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Stunning Colorful Interior Design inside a Penthouse in Petah Tivka

Beautiful bench and chest painted yellow and Small Dresser Furniture in Traditional Style

Beautiful bench and chest painted yellow and Small Dresser Furniture in Traditional Style

What is crossed in your mind when you see the wonderful colorful interior design in this penthouse? Yea… this is the busiest interior we ever seen with the tidy decoration and arrangement that is increasingly dazzling in brilliant. This penthouse is precisely located in Petah Tivka, Israel, and the designer for the interior design is Gili Ungar.

Fresh and magnetic is the first impression for the interior design. Spectacular arrangement firstly expressed by the dining room and the family room. And the most striking aspect in both of the rooms is the magnetic pastel. Equally the family space and dining room pleasurably pops up the colorful modern interior design theme within. The difference is the mess room more focus on the electric hue, like neon green, electric yellow, and dazzling orange plus red. By the way, the family room prefers to be designed in combination of glazing palette, like coral red, black, and white.

To couple both of the family area and dining room have been constructed a kitchen and bookshelf in each side of these spaces. The bookshelf is moveable furniture which is colored in white and has wheels underneath. Anyway, the kitchen is an L-shaped kitchen in wonderful mixture of glossy accent in metallic yellow and baby blue. Furthermore, what’s makes these three rooms look the same is rug on the floor in every section of them. They are ethnic geometric red rug in the dining room to mate the electric hue, cool black and white stripped rug in the family room, and Persian narrow rug in the kitchen.

Not only had those three rooms above that are fully adorned with the rugs, but also all of the bedrooms. In the kid bedroom, there is an Arabic rug in dark accent that is deliberately matched the dark color of blue and brown within. While in the master bedroom, there are two kinds of rugs in different colors and similarly designed in noticeable geometric pattern. It seems like regular social gathering with community of modern interior colors inside the ocean bedroom with strong blue accent.

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