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Stunning High-End Apartment combining Mesmerizing View and Sophisticated Furniture

Amazing Family Room with White Sofas and White Table in Sky Penthouse Tel Aviv

Living in a high-end apartment in the center of big city is like a dream come true especially if the apartment have mesmerizing view of the Tel Aviv city In Israel and Mediterranean Sea. Located in W Tower in Park Tzameret, the Sky Penthouse is offer more than just mesmerizing view to the owner.

The first wowing aspect of this high-end apartment design is the 6 meters high ceiling which makes the penthouse looks like a part of the world since it is appear very spacious. The dim lights on the ceiling bring sophisticated and playful atmosphere. You can see the entire view even from inside the apartment. Of course if you choose to see it outdoor, sitting on contemporary white sofa in the wooden floor patio will be delightful. The choice of having glass fence with chrome plated railing make the patio looks luxurious.

Unique White Chair in the Sky Penthouse Tel Aviv

Sliding glass door which is connecting the patio to the inner side of the luxurious penthouse make the beauty appears even more. It is like an open sesame spell when the door is slide open and you can see the entire deluxe interior design. You can see the two floor apartment looks very bright and spacious. The stylish lounge looks very attractive with white sofa and mirror coffee table. The adjustable back sofa allows you to use the sofa as you wish.

Next to the lounge is the open floor house plan with the living room facing the outdoor and the dining room and kitchen behind it. Subtle living room, white dining room and white glossy kitchen make elegant impression which going to appeal more than you expected. Notice the glam pendant lamp over the dining table with different lighting gives different atmosphere throughout the room. What is more interesting is the thick glass stairs which is held by steel rope to make sure its sturdiness. So many more interesting high-end apartment design décor which will make you feel over the top from the below photo gallery.

Sensational White Cabinets and Glass Shelves for Accesories in Sky Penthouse Tel Aviv Bedroom

Interesting Blue Indoor Pool with City View in Sky Penthouse Tel Aviv

Fantastic Sky Penthouse Tel Aviv Dining Room View from Kitchen Counter

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