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Stunning Lakefront House with Bold Wooden Touch and Courtyard Appearance

Modern Seattle Home With Beautiful Lake Views

Located next to the Lake Washington in Seattle, lakefront house seems like the perfect gateway from all the hectic in life. Open air with the lake scenery and completed with lush green scenery is the real beautiful atmosphere that will really soothe your feelings. The challenge will be how to make the house which rich with natural surrounding and in the same time gives modern life luxury.

From the front side of the house you can see total privacy that comes from wooden slate gate along with the opaque glass partition on the upper floor. While the lakefront house design in the front side is quite closed from the street, a different approach comes when you entering the house.

The openness felt very well with the use of floor to ceiling windows along with sliding glass door which allow you to see the entire scenery without any barrier.

Facade Of The Courtyard House

Richness of woods felt so strong in this house and somehow create Japanese feelings with the entire wooden structure. But in the same time you also can feel the contemporary touch that makes this as perfect lakefront house.

The open floor house plan enhances the beauty of this house which enables you to freely see the entire surrounding uninterrupted. The modern wooden kitchen looks sleek and stunning. Notice how the kitchen cabinets are circling the kitchen island and provide spot for breakfast or just hanging out in the kitchen.

Sleek Wooden Staircase

Beautiful Modern Kitchen With Dining Space

The cozy bedroom performs total luxury in modesty. You can have the bedroom deck which completed with contemporary chairs and side table. Inside the luxurious bedroom you also can find modern fireplace, home library corner as well as armchair sofa.

While in this simple bathroom you can see the sophisticated comes from minimalist bathroom décor. Clear glass combines with opaque glass door allows rich lights entering the bathroom and create elegant bathroom décor. Spending in this mesmerizing lakefront house design will allow you to experience calmness mixed with luxury.

Lovely Lake Views From The Courtyard House Bedroom

Glass Shower Enclosure In The Bathroom

Open Interiors Of The Courtyard House In Seattle Washington

Wooden Flooring And Walls Inside The Courtyard House

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