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Stylist Coffee Table with Acrylic Style

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Tables

A coffee table can be used to be placed in sitting room, living room or your home theatre to watch film. There is a coffee table in acrylic style which is now very famous which is created by Alexandra Von Furstenberg. Do you want to know? Here, we have some pictures that will discuss and how you these stunning pieces of furniture design.

Look at the picture. In the first picture, you can see the room is very colorful. The room is dominated in white color and it has wooden floor. The coffee table is made from glass table in square shape. The glass table is very stylist and it is very suitable for you who have modern design or style.

You can also put this coffee table in front of the TV and can be combined with any different color of sofas and rugs. Coffee table design like this is very flexible to be combined with any modern furniture.

Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table

Acrylic style of table is designed and made from glass materials therefore it is transparent. You can see the next picture. The table is called bullet acrylic coffee table. The shape is like diamond which is very cool and stylist. The transparent glass makes the table looks very cool. However, you do not need to worry because the glass material has a very good quality so that it will not easily break.

AVF Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table

Another luxurious and stylist acrylic coffee table can be seen in the next picture. The feet of the table has metallic green color which looks very cool like zamrud. Because acrylic can make your room looks modern, you can apply it for your modern house.

Now, you can also apply it into your house and make your house beautiful with it. Coffee table design ideas like this will make your house looks cool and futuristic.

AVF Radiant Acrylic Green Coffee Table

Ice Acrylic Dining Table

Philipe Acrylic Dining Table

Modern Acrylic Desk

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