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Stylist Townhouse Decorating Ideas from New York with Privacy Barrier

Amazing The Perdant Lamps in Urban House NYC

Amazing The Perdant Lamps in Urban House NYC

If you just bought a townhouse and have no idea on how you can decorate it, maybe this unique townhouse decorating ideas can be good for you. Designed by GLUCK+, an architectural firm in New York, this 1,322 square feet urban townhouse is quite appealing from its exterior to the innermost interior. The renovation project was started in 2009, with almost total makeover on the facade and to its interior. The result is amazing, especially when you compare it to other townhouse design in its neighborhood.

Sophisticated to fulfill the need of a single family, this small townhouse decorating ideas is good enough to give a privacy life to its inhabitant even in the middle of urban city. Window is used to cover the entire home facade, invites the sunlight to come and fill the innermost corner in the home interior. However, a silver metal plate covers the most surface and blocks any unwanted glaze from the street side. This unique design allows the natural light to come, but keep the privacy at its finest.

Good Design in Urban House NYC with Nice Wall

Good Design in Urban House NYC with Nice Wall

Inside, a series of minimalist living space is collected and designed in the back-side direction, in which another big opening can be seen unblocked to the backyard. The small horizontal space is tricked by using vertical-oriented decoration, allows a more spacious functional space in the home. The minimalist kitchen and rustic dining room is simply impressive with wooden furniture on the 1st floor, while a more spacious living room can be seen on the next floor with wide white sofas and the indoor fireplace.

The staircase that connects each level is uniquely decorated with the glass panels as the handrail. The space between the turning stairs is used as mini library, giving not only an extra storage for the books but also make the home feels more impressive. A high ceiling area is decorated beautifully with the pendant lamps, greatly increasing the visual appeals of this beautiful home. So how do you think? Please check out some of these townhouse decorating ideas pictures for more details.

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