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Surprising Natural Interior Design: Earthy House in Vancouver

Amazing Ample natural lighting floods through the skylight with Modern Style

Amazing Ample natural lighting floods through the skylight with Modern Style

What is being trend in these present years is natural interior design with wooded area around and real breathing element for perfect green shelter. Located in Vancouver, the Southlands Residence is looks alike with The Cullen’s house in Twilight Saga movie. The strong concrete construction harmonizes with colorful living plants around and perfectly camouflages this natural house with the crowd skyline and ordinary lavish houses out there. DIALOG firm is the chosen one to design this house with all possibilities and impossibilities.

Exterior design is heaven for the plants, water and soil to live. Not less good with the natural interior design concept, the exterior has been juggled into eco-friendly living space by the open patio, open veranda and pond. Instead of concrete as base material construction, glass and wood perfectly create warm and comfortable space by their each function. Pass some stairs and come inside the house, you will be welcomed by fantastic contemporary interior in solid colors like white, red, gray and black.

The interior construction is full of clear glass and wood which each of them play a big role as controller. Ceiling, wall, floor, beams, staircase, and some furniture precisely made from collaboration of wood and other environmental materials. Living room and family room are two different living spaces in different construction and organization also. If concrete and solid substance dominant in the living room, family room has appears more muted under the wooden mounted ceiling and solid construction.

Dining room and kitchen have the same concept with the family room because all of them arranged in same space. Besides, the bedroom in the second level naturally designed in minimalist and simple to grab more and more natural lights inside from the hollowed ceiling and huge clear glass window around. Floating stair and other details of the house plan really represent the earthy design in ergonomics materialization. Strong interior design concept ideas for slight and light realization will make everyone who sees it shocked instantly.

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