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Stunning DIY Bookshelves Ideas for More Personalized Furniture

Beautiful View of NYC Skyline from the White bedroom

Beautiful View of NYC Skyline from the White bedroom

It will very nice if you can start DIY bookshelves project and you will get more personalized stuffs in your room. Organizing books can never be this fun with using personal bookshelves design. It will have a unique bookshelf design which will never found at the other place. Let’s grab some of these bookshelves ideas!

Start your DIY bookshelves plans with making a list what kind of material you want to use. The common and general material that usually used for the bookshelves is wood blocks. For you who don’t have that carpentry ability, you can use another simple method by customizing the other goodies with the wooden board. Take a look at this very easy bookshelf using the leather and the wooden board. You just only put it with the nail on the wall. You can also use some PVC pipes for more attractive bookshelf design. Just stack it in a perfect arrangement and you will get a new bookshelf in your style.

The other project that you might want to try is by repaint the bookshelf. It will give a new look of the bookshelf and you can get a new theme for the room. A clever bookshelf design also comes with this unused book as the bookshelf. It is just like a “bookshelf-ception”, which use a book as the bookshelf. Seems like hard to understand, right? Take a look at the photos for more detail. You can also use additional decorative goodies for the bookshelves. You will get a very feminine bookshelves style by simply putting pink tapes as the borderline on the bookshelves. Try to design your bookshelves with additional decorative goodies.

Well, that’s all about the do-it-yourself project that very affordable in price. Let’s explore your creativity and start to make your personal furniture. These DIY wall bookshelf plans will make you to have easy book organizer!


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