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Amazing House Extension Of A Victorian House and A Futuristic One

Amiushing Design in Dinning Sofa in  Balmain Residence Viewing Nice Decoration

Amiushing Design in Dinning Sofa in Balmain Residence Viewing Nice Decoration

There is a futuristic house extension that is very beautiful lied in Wales, Australia. This house designed by Carter Williamson Architects. This house connects two different styled houses by cute connection. The first house is the original one. It has a classic style of old Victorian houses. The second house is the extended one. It has a minimalist and futuristic design which is very contrast with the first house. Even if the house design of the two houses we have mentioned before is so contrast each other, they can be connected as a house with a balancing house concept. The house designer must be so smart and talented.

If we are talking about house extension design that has been applied to some houses all over the world, this house can be so inspiring. The old Victorian house has very classic and such boring design yet the second one is very futuristic. It has a square-shaped design which is very simple. It has two level of flooring. In front of the second house, we can find a lot with green grasses and also green plants on the corner of the lot itself. The windows of this second house are so unique. It has some unique spaces that show some cubical shapes getting out of the house from those windows.

Sleek of View in the Night in  Balmain Residence

Sleek of View in the Night in Balmain Residence

Looking the inside of the house, some pretty furniture will welcome you with a soft and cozy atmosphere of the house. The white painting of the wall supported with white sofas, white TV cabinets, white kitchen storages, white kitchen cabinets, and also white kitchen tables and white kitchen stools. It sounds so boring of having all of those white painted furniture. There is a dining table made of wood that lies in the middle of the room. This wooden dining table is accompanied with some dining chairs made of darken woods and steels. These dining chairs have dark brown color so that the dining table and chairs will break the ice of this boring room.

Above the dining table made of wood, there is a beautiful white pendant lamp hanged on for special lighting at night. While still at the afternoon, the house will use less electrical energy for lighting because of the glass windows are very helping for lighting problems. Feels like this house is one of house extension design ideas that is so beautiful.

Gorgeous Design of Balmain Residence Wall of Windows

Gorgeous Design of Balmain Residence Wall of Windows

Several Modern Fireplace Designs that Utilize Glass for Contemporary Home

Linear Fireplace Enclosed In Glass Ideal For A Contemporary Setting

Every person has their individual thinking and decision. This means a comfortable and perfect house interior design for one person will not be the same for the other person. This means the freedom of thinking and wills. There is no one design that surpasses all other because every person has his own style and taste.

One person may love a traditional and classic design for their home interior design; on the other hand the other person may love the contemporary home interior design that sports minimalist and simple feature for the home interior design. However, even though every person has his own taste, there are several basic things that cannot be separated from any design.

Gorgeous Fireplace In A Glass Enclosure

One of the most basic things that cannot be separated from the design is the basic furniture itself. For example is the fire place. Yes, fire place is primary thing to have in your home interior design because it will give warm and relaxing atmosphere to the whole family.

There are several modern fireplace designs that utilize glass and quite suitable for contemporary home. Due to this feature it can be considered that a fireplace can also be made classic and original or stylish and modern as the person who wishes it.

Fascinating Wall Art Enhances The Beauty Of The Modern Fireplace

One of the examples for modern fireplace designs that utilize glass for contemporary home is the stylish modern fireplace that encases with glass. Just as the name implies the fire place is not your run in the mill ordinary fire place. This unique fire place feels modern, stylish and simple.

The use of glass to trade the use of stone makes this fire place design more simple and stylish at once. This fire place is the perfect addition for any modern and minimalist home design. The atmosphere given by this fire place will make your whole family feels comfortable and relaxed.

Elegant Living Room Has A Warm And Inviting Look

Fireplace With A Television Set Above It

Contemporary Gas Fireplace For A Chic And Stylish House

Lovely Linear Fireplace Set In A Stone Wall

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