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Captivating Urban Home With Soft Modern Accent

Awesome Modern Design in Laidley Residence with Glass of Windows

Awesome Modern Design in Laidley Residence with Glass of Windows

Two architects come from San Francisco, Jim Zack and Lise de Vito, built and designed an amazing urban home for their family which consists of both of them and two kids. This captivating house called Laidley 147 is using a contemporary, minimalist, and futuristic house design. First time visiting this house, we will walk through the entrance into the house. The wall concept of the outer side of the house is using grayish paint to cover the wall outside. The lots in front of the house are covered by some cement tiles that fit into the grey painting of the adorable house. The fence of the house is made of wooden panels with some green plants and trees surrounding. This wooden fence gives a beautiful and natural touch to this modern house.

A cute number of 147 above the garage look so interesting in the grayish color of the house. Some green plants accompany us while walking into the house. The plants are planted on the square cement planters on the right side of the entrance. Applying urban home designs towards this house, the two designers might state this house is suitable for their urban living concept. This futuristic house has three levels in flooring. To connect each floor, the house designers put a stairway to step up or step down from or to the other floors.

Modern design Bathroom in Laidley Residence with White of Bath

Modern design Bathroom in Laidley Residence with White of Bath

The living room design and furniture of this house is very amazing. The dark grey sofas with some dark grey, orange, and white pillows look so comfortable to take a sit or a rest on them. A white table with orange wheels and some magazines on it is becoming the captivating thing of this living room. This living room is decorated with an abstract painting on the wall and also some children toys on the carpet of the floor.

Stepping ahead from the living room, we can see a simple and futuristic kitchen welcoming us. A dining table and chairs made of wood and also wooden cabinets seems like the great opening of the dining session. This house can be one of inspiring urban home designs ideas that useful for you.

Deluxe Rooms Design in Laidley Residence Given Nice View

Deluxe Rooms Design in Laidley Residence Given Nice View

Captivating Australian House With Beautiful Scenery

Amazing of Modern Desin in Fairfax of House with Wooden of Floor

Amazing of Modern Desin in Fairfax of House with Wooden of Floor

One the famous property agents in Australia named Richardson & Wrench has announced for selling a beautiful Australian house located in Sidney. This amazing house has very minimalist and futuristic design but still very close with nature. With square-shaped design covered by some glasses and steels for front wall concept, this house will rely on the sunlight for lighting while at the afternoon so that it will minimize the energy usage or such a saving energy wall concept. This house is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery that will give a clean and fresh atmosphere to this adorable house.

If you mind to have such Australian house plans to build your own house, this house will be so right for your inspiration. From the front side of this house, we will be welcomed by a pretty swimming pool with the blue scenery of the fresh water in this pool. This swimming pool is surrounded by parquet flooring in charming brown color or the original color of the wood. Close to the swimming pool, there is a small lot with fresh green grasses provided by some stepping stones that give a beautiful touch to the garden. Next to the swimming pool with the blue water, we can walk to the living room by opening the glass door.

Nice View in Modern Desin in Fairfax of House  Bedroom

Nice View in Modern Desin in Fairfax of House Bedroom

By passing through the stepping stones, we can reach a garden table made of wood and some wooden chairs around the table. Slowly we get into the captivating house, a small room served you two black chairs with a black coffee table. A simple kitchen with storages and cabinets painted in white color are supported with a black dining table and some white chairs. The kitchen bar and stools are in white color as the same as the other furniture here.

Inside the house, we can find another dining table in white color with some glass chairs. This place has very beautiful view when we look at the outside. Some of people who want to look for Australian house plans and designs will love this house.

Cool Wooden Desk of Modern Desin in Fairfax of House

Cool Wooden Desk of Modern Desin in Fairfax of House

Amazing House Extension Of A Victorian House and A Futuristic One

Amiushing Design in Dinning Sofa in  Balmain Residence Viewing Nice Decoration

Amiushing Design in Dinning Sofa in Balmain Residence Viewing Nice Decoration

There is a futuristic house extension that is very beautiful lied in Wales, Australia. This house designed by Carter Williamson Architects. This house connects two different styled houses by cute connection. The first house is the original one. It has a classic style of old Victorian houses. The second house is the extended one. It has a minimalist and futuristic design which is very contrast with the first house. Even if the house design of the two houses we have mentioned before is so contrast each other, they can be connected as a house with a balancing house concept. The house designer must be so smart and talented.

If we are talking about house extension design that has been applied to some houses all over the world, this house can be so inspiring. The old Victorian house has very classic and such boring design yet the second one is very futuristic. It has a square-shaped design which is very simple. It has two level of flooring. In front of the second house, we can find a lot with green grasses and also green plants on the corner of the lot itself. The windows of this second house are so unique. It has some unique spaces that show some cubical shapes getting out of the house from those windows.

Sleek of View in the Night in  Balmain Residence

Sleek of View in the Night in Balmain Residence

Looking the inside of the house, some pretty furniture will welcome you with a soft and cozy atmosphere of the house. The white painting of the wall supported with white sofas, white TV cabinets, white kitchen storages, white kitchen cabinets, and also white kitchen tables and white kitchen stools. It sounds so boring of having all of those white painted furniture. There is a dining table made of wood that lies in the middle of the room. This wooden dining table is accompanied with some dining chairs made of darken woods and steels. These dining chairs have dark brown color so that the dining table and chairs will break the ice of this boring room.

Above the dining table made of wood, there is a beautiful white pendant lamp hanged on for special lighting at night. While still at the afternoon, the house will use less electrical energy for lighting because of the glass windows are very helping for lighting problems. Feels like this house is one of house extension design ideas that is so beautiful.

Gorgeous Design of Balmain Residence Wall of Windows

Gorgeous Design of Balmain Residence Wall of Windows

Stunning Comical Home Interior with Cute Decoration Looks Bright

Red Rose In Glasses Vase On Dining Table Surface

Feel bored with common home interior? You have to try to explore your creativity by applying unusual decoration in your home interior. You can change atmosphere in a house by replacing common furniture into attractive one.

Comical Home Interior is one of innovative design that perfectly makes you feel comfort at home. Following sample probably inspires you to decorate home interior preciously. Glove chair in red is comfortable chair that has unique design. It can be placed in bedroom to relax.

Store your goods tidily in cabinet. Choose white cabinet in futuristic design and embellish it with dolls and artistic table lamp. Precious fur rug with unique pattern can be interesting item to adorn your inspiring Comical Home Interior.

Puffs in any colors are regarded as cute furniture for your bedroom or living room as additional seat. Brighten interior with glass door and glass bay window allowing you to see scenery outside.

Cute Striking Doll On White Bed

White themed dining room looks charming with round marble dining table and white ant chairs. Cute fake flower on marble table is fascinating likewise pendant lamp covered with cage lamp shade. Wall murals fitted on the wall also bring lovely interior design.

Get warmth by applying modern fireplace in your living room. Modern bed sofa in black is really cool to furnish your living room. To decrease tension while you work at home office, you should design it in relaxing theme. Nice photographs on wall and glass wall surely gives cheerful sensation in home office.

Rounded Marble Dining Table Adorns With White Chairs

Dark Sofa With White And Soft Blue Cushions And Modern Purple Rounded Chair In Corner

White Work Space Combined With Gym

Contemporary bedroom in white looks clean and bright. Marble wall and tile in glass shower cabin represents classy taste. Minimalist white bathroom vanity, modern toilet, and wall light are best furniture for stylish bathroom.

Inspiring Comical Home Interior design can be applied in your kitchen. Choose kitchen set in white color to brighten interior. Metallic barstools and stainless steel range hood looks glaring enlightened by soft ceiling lights.

Grey Quilt And Bed With White Blanket And Pillows

Transparent Glazed Shower Area With White Furniture

Rounded Wooden Table Near Clean White Bathtub

White Orchid Near White Washbasin And Glossy White Closet

White Kitchen Table And Wooden Bar Stool

Sophisticated Ultramodern Fireplace with Glass

Stylish Modern Fireplace Encased In Glass

When the luxury and popularity of the traditional and classic fireplace is commonly placed in the modern interior, this ultramodern fireplace can be the next alternative for those who love futuristic design. The interior with the contemporary concept demands the simplicity and elegant in every of its item. Not only the furniture, the fireplace should be adjusted with this theme. In today’s style, the fireplace comes with various designs. One of them is the fireplace with glass.

Ultramodern fireplace design is perfectly fit with the ultramodern interior design. Emphasizing on the sleek and smart mode, this fireplace presents the significant look in the interior. The main reason to choose this kind of fireplace is because of its warmth and safety. In the dark theme color interior, this glass fireplace brings the warmth and bright accent to the room. The ultramodern interior with dark grey color theme will look more futuristic with this absolute glass material fireplace. If you still want to keep the classic and traditional accent, put the glass fireplace on the stone wall. This will add the modern accent to your classic room.

Exceptional Fireplace Design Steals The Show With Ease

The other option to light up your contemporary space is by placing this gas fireplace on your metallic tile wall. With the metal frame, this fireplace looks stylish and sophisticated. The bedroom with amazing view to the ocean demands the perfection in every element. The glass fireplace is awesome to be place on the stone wall beside the bed. It does not reduce the natural bedroom theme with its heavy design.

The fireplace with the glass door is also fabulous for your chic interior. The soft colors and the modern furniture will make this fireplace fits among them. Having the vintage living room? The glass doors fireplace will be the focal point over there. Ultramodern fireplace for interior are available in various design and can be placed in any kind of modern theme interior.

Let The Fireplace Keep You Warm As You Enjoy Some Unabated Views

Dark Hues Of This Living Room Offer A Contrast To The Glass Front Fireplace

Colorful Setting For A Firepplace With Glass Door

Fascinating Wall Art Enhances The Beauty Of The Modern Fireplace

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