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Cozy Stylist House with Modern Design for a Cozy Living Place

Single Above Mount Sink with Extra Large Mirror as Residencia DF Bath Concept

Having stylist house will be a pride for us who love luxurious house. As we know, this modern house looks very cool and stylist. Having a beautiful house is everyone’s dreams. One of the reason is that, by having this luxurious and stylist house, it will represents your personality and of course your pride.

Here, we have some pictures telling you about a stylist house located in Brazil that perhaps can be taken as reference for you who want to remodel your house.

Look at the picture. In the first picture, we can see the house is standing firmly painted in grey color. The balcony in the second floor has beautiful green plants that we can see from the front yard of the house.

In the front yard, we can see there is a pool that gives fresh and natural nuance in the house. The front yard is spacious enough so that your kids will play peacefully and happily here. This is a very nice and functional stylist house design for your family.

Relaxing Appearance of Home Architecture Residencia DF Backyard

When the night comes, the house magically changes into a beautiful house with beautiful lightings, the house has glass wall so that the creamy lightings can come out through it. Like what we see in the picture, the sitting room near by the pool looks very warm. The wall is made from brick materials painted in bright brown color. There is a classy wooden rack under the television that sticks on the wall.

Romantic Residencia DF Home Exterior View by Night

When we come into the house, the interior is very luxurious. The wooden floor has dark brown color and in some parts of the wall is made from stone and brick materials. The wooden dining table is also made form wooden materials with black chairs surround it. Under the dining table, you can see a comfortable creamy carp which gives warmth. Stylist house design ideas are perfectly incredible.

Warm Residencia DF home Interior Idea with Double Height Ceiling

Chic Floating Classic Staircase Design for Cool Residencia DF Interior

Minimalist Tiny Residencia DF Master Bathroom with Stylish Shower Room

Applying Interior Stone Veneer to Get Classy Style in Your House

Modern Cheerful Interior Stone Veneer Wooden Ceiling

Applying interior stone veneer is a very great idea especially for you who want to remodel your house and make it more beautiful with classic style. There are some varieties about this interior design that made from stone materials that you have to see. Here, we have some pictures that you can choose as reference.

Look at the picture. In the first picture, you can see how lovely the design is. The house is very elegant and this stone veneer makes the room looks more rustic. The stone veneer has natural stone color in creamy color which is applied in the wall and in some parts of the place in this house. It looks so classic and warm. For you who love rustic and classy interior stone veneer design you can apply this one.

Traditional Basement Interior Stone Veneer

As you know, the stone veneer is not only can be placed in some parts of the wall in your house but you can also apply it in your bathroom. Like what you see in the next picture, the stone wall has creamy and brown color combination.

The bathroom looks so great and nice combine with a vanity in grey color which is made from porcelain. The bathroom looks different and the stone veneer wall give different accent in it. Here, you can feel comfortable because your bathroom looks like expensive bathroom in an expensive house.

Rustic Bathroom Interior Stone Veneer Design Ideas

When you look at the next picture, you will see how elegant the house is when the wall and some parts of the house are installed with these stone veneers. Your house looks like a farm house in Brazilian style which give you different nuance.

Designing and decorating interior house is very important for us because it will make it more beautiful. Interior stone veneer ideas like this will be a very great idea for you to remodel your house using stone veneer.

Fantastic Interior Stone Veneer Design Ideas

Natural Look Wooden Ceiling Modern Black Stair Interior Stone Veneer Fireplace

Exciting Interior Stone Veneer Rustic Stone Wall Classic Chandelier

Fascinating Bathroom Design for Your House

Unique Shower Between Bath up And Sink

A Bathroom design. Do you want to remodel your bathroom but still confuse which of the bathroom is suitable for you? Here, we have some references on many fascinating and wonderful designs of bathroom so that you can take it as a good reference.

It is very important for you, before choosing the design, the design has to be suitable with your characteristics and the space is almost the same with your own bathroom. Here we go.

Here, we have some pictures on remodeling the bathroom. The bathroom is very important to bring your positive aura back, so that it is important to make your bathroom is comfortable as soon as possible. The wall, the ceiling has to be relaxing and makes people are not afraid to go and to stay longer in the bath room.

Here, we will discuss about Bathroom Design Ideas that comes from people needs. In the first picture you can see how nice the bathroom white color dominating the room. There is a special shower room closed by glasses. The rack made from stone which has soft surfaces in grey color. You can put therapy smell here so that you will be very comfortable in here.

White Clean Modern Bathroom Design

What about having a bathroom with wooden materials as the wall, the ceiling, ant the floor? It is also a good idea. Wooden materials can make the room looks natural, classy, and traditional. It can bring a good effect for your body to take a bath here. The situation and environment will make you feel like you are in the good place to relax.

Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas

Glass Style Bathroom Remodeling With Wood Floor

On the other hand, marble materials is still becomes favorite. Many bathrooms are designed using marble materials for its wall because marble will give modern nuance and great view. The bathroom also will look expensive and comfortable.

For many people, bathroom perhaps becomes something which is not really important, but starts for now, we have to think of another reason why bathroom is very important. Remodeling your bathroom is a good idea.

You can take marble or wood for the main materials to be applied in your bathroom. For the sake of comfort, this kind of model will gives you a good and different nuance to your bathroom. Bathroom design trends like this will make your body feel so comfortable.

Black And White Style Bathroom Remodeling

Simple Modern Bathroom Design

Beach Theme With Blues And Glass Block Bathroom Remodel

Simple Bathroom Remodeling Design

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