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Outstanding Cowboy House with Contemporary Look

Amusing Faced View in the Cowboy House with Triplex Floor

Amusing Faced View in the Cowboy House with Triplex Floor

This Cowboy house can be you inspiration to create such a cowboy atmosphere in to your home. This home was created by BBVH Architecten. It is located in Amsterdam Netherland. Actually this home is composed by three story with contemporary style. The unique thing about this house is the exterior design, you can see that the exterior design of this resident has unique facade. That façade made of material of wood with stripes sculpture. The brown color of the exterior makes the cowboy look which is really great.

The entrance door of this resident has same texture with the exterior wall. The different thing between the wall and the entrance door is the color of the wood. The wall is more soft brown. The facade of this resident is also completed with windows made from glass material. The exterior design of this resident is really represent the cowboy house decor. You can also apply this cowboy method if you want bring cowboy atmosphere in to your home.

Imposing Entrance Design Facing the Kid at Cowboy House

Imposing Entrance Design Facing the Kid at Cowboy House

As we know that this residence is composed by three level. We will talk more every level in this residence. You can see the house plans to get more detail about the residence. The first floor is for garage car. You can keep your car in his area. The door in garage car has sliding door design. Beside the garage car you will also find mini toilet in the first level.

Second and three level is for living space. In second level you will find the kitchen area, the living room, the dining room and bathroom. The three level is composed by the master bedroom and the private bathroom. Actually you can go to the roof area too, in the roof area you will see the beautiful view of Amsterdam skylight.  So that is one example of cowboy home decor ideas are you interested to apply this cowboy design in your home.

Majestic Mezzanine Design with Hanging Lamps and Staircase

Modern Mezzanine Barn Renovation that Blends Into the existing Theme Perfectly

Modern Mezzanine Barn Renovation that Blends Into the existing Theme Perfectly

The middle floor level or the mezzanine design will expand your living space. The mezzanine is built above the ground floor but not as tall as the second floor. Mostly, this kind of floor level is constructed in the modern house design. This space can be used for the library, working room, private room, or to give the higher view of the room below. Let’s have a look into some of these house mezzanines.

The first idea about mezzanine floor design is to make the office space at the mezzanine. The floor below can be used as the lobby of the office, while the center office can be reached through the stairs. Mezzanine will look more stylish with glass fence as high as average human waist. The glass fence won’t hinder the view from below. Under the glass fence, use also the beam construction to make it stronger.

Innovative Way to Create Additional Space in a Home with High Ceiling

Innovative Way to Create Additional Space in a Home with High Ceiling

With this middle floor, hanging lamps decoration is really important to fill the empty ceiling. Don’t forget to choose it with the right material. White wall paint will blend with metallic color of lamps. Put the lamps in different cable length to elongate the view. Another hanging lamp can be made from artwork design. Just put the single lamp without grouping it, because it will make design focus. However, if you don’t like the hanging lamp, you can play with the ceiling design. The ceiling lamp will give luxurious accent, yet modern. Arrange the lamp in the specific pattern to amaze your guests.

Mezzanine decoration is also supported by its staircase design. Staircase cannot be ignored because of its specialty. Every mezzanine needs staircase, so this is your opportunity to make over the space. Staircase can be constructed with the sloping design or the spiral ones. The luxury accent for the room mostly comes from its staircase style too. Don’t you feel excited about these mezzanine floor design ideas to be applied in your home plans?


Green Walls and Colorful Decor Accentuate the Look of Swedish Loft

Green Walls and Colorful Decor Accentuate the Look of Swedish Loft

Splendid Modern Glass Block to Border Bathroom with Its Great Texture

Contemporary New York Bathroom With Glass Block

Sometimes we need wall partition to border each living space in a house. Modern glass block is categorized into stylish wall partition that has glossy look. Flashy white ceramic wall tile in a bathroom spreads out bright view.

Glass block fitted in a bathroom will reflect shiny light over bathroom to brighten this interior. Stainless steel shower applied in bathroom is created in modern flair. Glass block has unique shape and it could be stunning decoration for your home.

Glass Block Detail In A Modern Shower

Spacious bathroom which is equipped with flashy white bathroom furniture looks pretty with contemporary glass block. Arched mirror on bathroom vanity reflects futuristic glass block. Modern Glass Block design is compatible to be applied in modern bathroom because this stylish wall partition will brings precious sunlight that comes into room through this glass block.

Brick wall textured wall tile in green color melds with glass block in square pattern. Shower enclosure surrounded by glass block us very unique. Soft lighting ideas inside shower curtain are seen from outside due to transparent glass block.

Modern White Bathroom With Glass Block

White themed bathroom which is furnished with high class bathroom furniture is enhanced with futuristic glass block. White marble washing stand containing porcelain sinks are very clean. Beautiful flower on white marble washing stand brings natural look.

Large mirror reflects bright view derived from wall lights and sunlight coming through glass block. Texture of glass block is created in exotic detail and it goes with white themed bathroom.

Glass Block And Marble Bathroom

Glass block is compatible with modern bathroom design. Glass block and marble wall becomes eccentric wall partition to decorate your house. This wall partition borders bathtub and washing stand crafted of sleek marble.

Round glass block that has transparent look makes bathroom interior becomes so awesome. Bright view in a bathroom is quite optimal with shiny Modern Glass Block design that is regarded as futuristic wall partition.

Tropical Bathroom With Glass Block

Curved Shower Space With Glass Block

Bathroom With Marble And Glass Block Details

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