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Stunning Bathroom Design: Say No to Boredom

Modern Luxury Bathroom With Colorful Details

As rejuvenating place, bathroom design should be part of feeling fresh and passionate. Do not underestimate the power of a great bathroom design since it will enhance your mood and turn it better. In modern life people tend to create a simple and sleek bathroom with neutral tones which actually a little boring. You will need something to jazz up the bathroom atmosphere by adding bathroom accents.

The first bathroom design ideas is to make the bathroom look simple but also looks stands out. You can place built in vanity table with drawers in the bathroom. The simple horizontal lines from the dark wood appearance of the vanity table look standout among the white bathroom color.

You can place a rectangular bathroom sink to imitate the clean horizontal line of the vanity table. Placing mirror over the sink also a great idea especially when the mirror is stretched from side to side.

Eye Catching Artwork In A Modern Bathroom

Add dashing color to the minimalist bathroom is also a brilliant idea. In this red bathroom you can see the combination between white walls with red bathroom tiles on the wall creating a marvelous spark. If you think that red is too much of course you can try for other way to make it stand out.

Vibrant Red Wall In A Modern Bathroom

In the brown bathroom with brown tiles the loop space below mirror bathroom cabinet is looking astonishing with the golden appearance. The shine comes from the lights that are installed in the bottom of the cabinet which creates beautiful shine on the bathroom.

Brown Bathroom With Blue And Gold Details

You also can add freshness in the bathroom by simple placing greenery décor inside. You can place flowers in the vase décor which looks stand out with white or neutral bathroom walls.

In the luxurious bathroom you can add charm by using glass partition, black tufted bench and of course glamour chandelier that hang from the ceiling. Marvelous bathroom design ideas should not be hard, just look at below gallery for more inspiration.

Leaning Calla Lilies

Chandelier In A Contemporary Bathroom

Simple Small Bathroom Inspiration for Avoiding the Smaller Look

Shower Stalls Bathroom Modern Style Glass Shower Stall

Do you have a small bathroom in your house? Bathroom is a private place where you do your private activity. In this place, you can refresh your mind and also relax your body. But, whenever you have too small space of your bathroom, you may not feel that your mind get refreshed and your body is not relaxed. So, what should you do with your bathroom?

Take a look at the small bathroom pictures that you can see in this article! In this article, you will see some luxurious bathroom with small space. But, why do not they look small? When you take a look at the first picture, you will see a simple and minimalist bathroom. The white color seems to become the dominate color of this bathroom.

To avoid the smaller look of this bathroom, the designer tends to use the glass walls and glass door for separating the bathtub and the closet. While for the seat, the designer chooses the transparent seat as you can see in the picture.

Shower Stalls Minimalist Marble Bathroom

When you take a look at the second picture, you will see the same scenery. There is a bathroom with small space. To avoid the smaller look of this bathroom, the designer tends to choose the glass door and glass wall for the bathroom.

One again, the white color is used as the dominate color for the bathroom. If you have a bathroom with small space and you want to have the sink, try to choose the sink which is high as you can see in the picture and the design is not wide. With the design like this, your bathroom will look nice even though your bathroom is small.

Shower Stalls Modern Bath Gray Stone Natural Woodfloors

There are many ways that you can do to avoid the smaller look of your bathroom. You can choose white color, the glass wall and glass door, and the high sink for your bathroom. Happy trying the small bathroom design for your bathroom!

Modern Classic Style Bathroom Black And White Tile

Shower Stalls Modern Classic Bath Earth Tones

Shower Stalls Contemporary Bathroom Neutral Tones

Exclusive Bathroom Sliding Door Supports Showered Bathroom

Sliding Glass Door Shower Enclosure In An Asian Styled Bathroom

Door is one of important part of bathroom that can be designed and created exclusively such bathroom sliding door. Sliding doors is very suitable to be applied for a showered bathroom. A design that is very simple and exclusive makes your bathroom to look more exclusive and luxurious. Sliding door concept for a bathroom specially designed for a bathroom that uses shower as an important device to take a bath.

Bathroom completed by using sliding door are designed exclusively and specially. It is very different with a bathroom that does not use a sliding door in its design. Generally, sliding door created by using glass material. It is very different with a usual bathroom that applies aluminum door or wooden door in its design. Bathroom sliding door design is more interested and exclusive in its design because it is usually used for a bathroom that is applied in a luxurious, exclusive and modern home design.

Nice Little Niche For The Shower Enclosure Saves Up On Space

Lovely Shower Enclosure Design For Those Who Prefer The Darer Hues

It is very important to choose an appropriate design of sliding door for a bath room because it will look more exclusive and luxurious when a sliding door design is suitable with an interior design of a bathroom. A design of door handle also must be appropriated in order to create an exclusive design of sliding door.

A design of interior bathroom is usually created simpler than other rooms in a house. There are some important facilities that must be placed in a bathroom such as hook and place for placing soap and bathing utensil. All of them can be placed exclusively in order to a function of sliding door in creating an exclusive concept for a bathroom can be supported well. it is very important to place a rug in front of a bathroom to keep a clean condition of a floor surrounding bathroom. All of them become good sliding bathroom door ideas that can be applied.

Frameless Sliding Glass Door Shower Enclosure For A Modern Bathroom

Smart Shower Enclosure With Sliding Doors Ideal For Small Bathrooms

Gorgeous Shower Area Promises A Spa Like Atmosphere At Home

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