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The Stylish and Modern Window Blind

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There are many types of window that can be applied for the house. Each window has its characteristic that is beautiful. One of the windows that attract many people is modern window blind. Window blind is a type of window that has special curtain to block the direct sun ray. The curtain is very useful especially in the middle of hot afternoon day. For this reason, this window is very suitable for any house that is located in tropical climate. There are various types of window blind with its curtain and drapery that is very useful for many functions.

Home Office With Roman Shades

As stated above, the first function of window blind is used to block direct sun ray. The bright sun ray can make many people are temporarily blinded with the sun ray. For this reason, the presence of window blind is very useful to block the direct sun ray. In addition to block the direct sun ray, window blind is also used to provide privacy for any people inside the house. For example, the curtain of window is closed when a couple needs a romantic moment for their life. In addition to the romantic moment, window blind is also useful for nursery room. A private and closed area gives a safe and comfortable feeling for any mom with her baby inside the nursery room.

Roman Shades For The Nursery Room

There are three types of modern window blind such as horizontal window blind, vertical window blind and sheer vertical window blind. Each type of window blind has its function to cover any family member from a direct sun ray. It is better to pick a window blind that has a similar color with the wall color to create a harmonization between the window blind and the wall color. For example, light yellow wall color can be combined with light yellow window blind.

Roman Blinds Idea

Vertical Blinds And Sheers

Modern Vertical Window Blinds

Ultra Modern White Roller Blinds

Sheer Panel Blinds

Roller Blinds

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