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Top Home Visualizations That will Take You to Nature

Tree Inspired Light Fixture

Now I want to tell you about a great technique of Home Visualizations. Much of modern houses nowadays are focus on a large space of interior. This later can be your advantage in designing them to be looked more beautiful.

Some people like it to be looked elegant or modern. But this technique that has been taught by Ando studio is making a simpler approach to them. With the perfect molded design to a simpler and a cleaner look will make it looks beautiful.

Sunny Dining Area

And the cost of designing with this concept is not too expensive. The main idea of this Home Visualizations Color concept is bringing some tree in the front side to be looked more green and natural. The health life style can be put inside with planting some trees in the front and you can get many benefits from this tree later.

It is believed that surrounding the house with this plants will make it more unique, shady and comfortable while you can still get the impeccable style. You can see at some pictures in the site that the house is coming from a boxy shape which is certainly bring you a modern look. It is later rising from the two stories house to bring an ample interior space. This kind of interior space will make it looks more spacious.

Modern Two Story

The furniture outside the house which is located near the pool area is using a back chair patio. This simply will make it more comfortable for you while you are sitting here. The outdoor area is designed smart, so that it can be enjoyed in any condition.

Don’t worry when it gets rain, as you can stay inside the canopy which has the curtain. This area is connected to the main living room with the help of glazed window of a Home Visualizations Inspiration.

Serene Yard

Outdoor Lounge Chair

Neutral Bedroom

Simple Bedroom

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