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Traditional Contemporary Interior Design with Outdoor Pool

Ultra Modern Home

A luxurious house design is usually equipped with the Contemporary Interior Design in the inside and outside of the house. That kind of house design will be very suitable to be applied in a modern and luxurious house design and it is also finished with the best and unique exterior design.

In one of the best home living, there is a very interesting swimming pool design. That swimming pool is equipped with the best and unique fencing idea. It is because the fencing idea that has been applied in the swimming pool area of that house was made from the high quality glass material. Therefore, it is undoubtedly anymore that the swimming pool has a modern design.

Backyard With Pool

In the outside, that house design has a great exterior design. It has white outdoor wall painting idea. That outdoor wall painting idea of that house is equipped with the best and unique glass material. It looks great and fascinating because it has a modern design.

Located nearby that swimming pool design, there is also a very interesting and unique patio and outdoor living space. The outdoor living space of that house is equipped with the rectangular table design. In the inside of the Contemporary Interior Design Ideas, there is also a very interesting living space design.

Contemporary Backyard Design

That living space is designed in a spacious design and it has wooden flooring unit. That wooden flooring is in the dark brown color. There are also two comfortable sofa set. Those sofas are in the stripped pattern. It is in the grey and white color.

It looks very interesting and modern for a modern home living design. In that interior design, there is also a very interesting and unique kitchen design. That kitchen is dominated by white color. It is also like what have been applied in the Contemporary Interior Design for Living Room design ideas.

Fancy Living Room

White Kitchen Design

Contemporary Bathroom

Relaxing Box By The Pool

Contemporary Terrace With Pool

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