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Traditional yet Pretty Japanese Sliding Doors

Elegant Traditional Style Wooden Japanese Sliding Door Design

The thought of having a Japanese sliding door in our house does not seem like a bad idea. Some of us may think what are the Japanese sliding doors called because maybe we want to somehow buy direct from Japan. The Japanese called it Shoji.

Shoji is a sliding panel, not only used for door but also as a window as well. Shoji often used in Japanese-style houses with a private room served for tea ceremony, outdoor-porch accessories, or even as backgrounds for kabuki and other concerts show.

The Art of Japanese Sliding Doors

Traditionally, Japanese sliding door material or Shoji are made of white paper over pretty bright color wood, but nowadays people often change the white paper with plastic. Good thing about Shoji is they give spacious-look room, lighter and an airy environment even when you want to close it all the time. The white paper usually floral printed which is a basic combination with the idea of tea ceremony room.

Even though it’s beautifully floral printed as it is, there are several services that can provide sophisticated, and simple printed white paper based on our own personal taste. Japanese sliding doors is all about gorgeous simplicity.

Creative Japanese Sliding Doors Wooden Black Frame

Extravagant Artistic Shape Japanese Sliding Door Wooden Frame

Low Cost Japanese Sliding Doors

As it is contain of mostly woods, white paper (or plastic) and other simple material, Shoji or Japanese sliding doors is the best solution for low cost & minimalist home accessories. You could get a room divider without using so many space like usual door, or a private room without feeling all locked-up because airy and lighter room.

Now if you are as excited as I am to put Shoji in our own home. Here are some tips about How to make Japanese sliding doors. First of all, measure the height and width of the empty doorway you want to put Shoji in. If it’s already have an existing door, make sure you removed it.

Please kindly recheck the measure is accurate and you just need to order the right Shoji for your house. Japanese sliding doors installation is pretty handy and simple so everyone could have their very own without any worries.

Fantastic Japanese Sliding Doors with Polished Wooden Floor

Contemporary Wooden Style Japanese Sliding Door Design Ideas

Great Japanese Sliding Doors with Wooden Floor

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