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Trendy Urban Home Decor with Amazing Wooden Façade and Modern Design

Amushing Design in Broadway Residences Venice LA at the Night

Amushing Design in Broadway Residences Venice LA at the Night

The 546 Broadway Residences is a beautiful urban home decor located in the city of Venice, LA. Built on 2600 square foot area, the complex contains 2 homes with two levels; each contains 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a very wide terrace to relax. According to the designer Stephen Vitalich Architects this home was intended to owned by a single family, with some basic home interior decoration and other familiar facilities has been built beautifully in it.

From the facade, the home looks appealing with the wood cladding on its entire surface—from fence to the upper wall. The modern style can be seen through the square shape of the home, with a unique open plan living room which can be seen from the street side. Inside, a wide and elegant interior can be seen in this cool urban home decor, specially designed to fulfill the need of a happy family—from the spacious living space to an inviting dining room design for the entire family member.

Fascinating Design Bathroom in Broadway Residences Venice LA

Fascinating Design Bathroom in Broadway Residences Venice LA

Perhaps the most appealing area in this home located right on the 1st floor, where a parallel area of modern living room, contemporary dining room and a modern kitchen stands together side-by-side. The living area has an access to the high ceiling, decorated with ‘safe’ decoration using black furniture as the main object. Behind, a more colorful area can be seen with the unique dining chair in different colors. A beautiful pendant lamp can be seen hanged on the ceiling, greatly increases the inviting appearance of this dining area.

The combination of modern, contemporary and even industrial design can be seen in this main area. The steel pillars that support the 2nd floor is retained to give an appealing atmosphere to the living room. A series of floating stair connects each room in a unique way; make it very nice to see and to live. So how do you think? Do you like this urban home decor ideas for your home?

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