sliding cabinet door track

sliding cabinet door track hardware

Understanding Sliding Cabinet Door Track

Sliding cabinet door track is used for keep your things. They can be your books, jam bottles, or anything you have and want to keep safely. You can find some kinds of cabinet out there, but a sliding door in wooden is the popular choice for cabinet. Other choices are as plastic or metal, but the sliding cabinet wooden can make the entire function of cabinet is going cohesive.

Sliding Cabinet Door Track

A wooden sliding cabinet is something attractive to use. In addition, making your own sliding cabinet door in wood material can save your money and remodeling it based on your own taste. Before you knowing about the installation, it is better for you to know some other information about problems that may happen in sliding cabinet door first.

Sliding Cabinet Door Track Hardware Problems

Before you installing any sliding cabinet door, you should know that any problems will happen to this thing like, a disconnect sliding cabinet door.  The opening and the closing part are disconnecting in the sliding tracks. It means that the door does not want to slide.  You can fix it by removing the frame and reinstall it, inserting the door into the tracks anymore. Another problem of the sticking sliding cabinet door is a sliding track, which is dismounting. To solve this, you just have to reattach the track to the frame by locating screws into the door or the frame of sliding cabinet door.

Sliding Cabinet Door Track Hardware

Next, the problem can be inappropriate installation. If you install the sliding track part, it must be at the middle of the door and the frame. However, if you installed it just in one angle, the sliding track will hang between the door and the frame. To fix, you should reinstall it properly, so you also will get the properly sliding cabinet door track hardware.

The Installation of Sliding Cabinet Door Track Hardware

You can install your own sliding cabinet by the way, for the first time; you should measure your each of your cabinet that you want to be covered by doors, add ½ inch to each of the measurement.  Then, choose the type of wood you want to use, it can be mahogany and oak. They are popular types in wood sliding cabinet door actually in high prices. For the alternative, you can choose cedar or maple in affordable prices.  Next, you measure and cut the wood in ¾-inch thick piece wood. Puree the door panels with a power sander. You will need a paintbrush to paint it.  Let you door panel dry in overnight. When it has dried, set two hinges for it. You set the hinges in 4 inches from the top and the bottom part of the door panel, then drill it and attach the hinges. Be patient in install sliding cabinet door track.

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