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Unique Glass Table for Stylish Living Room

Aquarium Coffee Table

Contemporary design always has a glass table in its list. Glass table have been the hallmark of contemporary that have majestic style. While wooden table or plastic table had been re-emerged as today contemporary and affordable room table style, glass table has always its own share in the table market. Of course glass table is more expensive than other table, but it has this futuristic touch.

DWR Magino Coffee Table

Usually, glass table are located or positioned in a small room where space is much needed. The transparent effect of glass table provide the spacious environment that home owner needed in their room or house. For example, rugs can be shown with a glass table above. Thus the room has more aesthetic element to show. The table that will be perfect for this kind of room is the glass coffee table.

Milano Fine Leg Coffee Table

As you can see in the pictures, there are several glass table brands. First is the Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table. Note the table design prioritize small size with its table edge and glasses. Other is the Waterfall Cocktail Table, which have a thicker table glass. But no worry, this table is light enough to be carried around. With its rounded edges, this design offers modern touch to its overall style.

CB2 Peekaboo Coffee Table

Acrylic Decor Inc. Waterfall Cocktail Table

The last is the thicker, heavier yet more elegant Lareas table. It has sharp edges and thicker table. Majestic is what this table what to shows to the overall room interior. Of course the various style of this glass coffee table is not something for you to be concerned.

Glasses table is suitable for any kind of room interior design. While many glass table offers many style, always remember that function should always be prioritize than looks. And the last one, glass table price can be expensive, but it will last longer than the cheaper one.

Curved Acrylic Coffee Table

Ralphmarks Curve Acrylic CoffeeTable

Wisteria Acrylic Table With Glass

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