valances for sliding glass doors

window valances for sliding glass doors

Valances for Sliding Glass Doors – The Various Choices

Valances for sliding glass doors are one of window treatments that you can choose. As you already know that a sliding glass door is supposed to make your space in your room looks larger and an elegant look into your room. That is why some homeowners like to install this type of door for their home.

Valances for Sliding Glass Doors

To decor, a sliding door is not too easy to do. You should consider many things for that. This thing is caused by anything you choose have to be suitable with the basic function of sliding door itself. Many window treatments for sliding door are available out there, but you can use the best choice of them, that is valances.

The Ideas of Wood Window Valances for Sliding Glass Doors

Giving some valances for decorating your sliding door is a great idea to be realized. Here are some ideas about valances you can choose and use.  Flat valances are the most simple of style and construction. They can also be used for any interior decor themes. The original flat valances have a small of panel in fabric, which have a rectangular shape. If you do not like the plain of flat valances, you can make some combinations by adding printed curtains on that. However, it is depended on your own taste, so feel free to combine. Another idea of valances is pleated valances. Pleated valances have many types, but the most popular is just box-pleated valances.

Window Valances for Sliding Glass Doors

Actually, the pleated valances are just like the flat valances, the difference thing is located on inverted pleats of pleated valances. You can choose how many pleated on your pleated valances based on your own choice. The usage of pleated valances will give a sophisticated look for your room. The last valances idea is gathered valances. These valances provide a casual look for your room. Gathered valances as wood window valances for sliding glass doors mean the fabric of those valances is coming together in some folds.

The Examples of Wood Window Valances for Sliding Glass Doors

Wood Valances for Sliding Glass Doors

If you still get confuse about valances for your wood window sliding doors, do not worry, here are some examples for you. Simple trumpet and jabot valance can be chosen, this valance can give your room looks formal but still modern look. If you want a simple look for your room, you should choose gathered rod pocket valance with accent band. It is not only used for wood window sliding door, but fit also for bay window or even bow window. The next example is classic cuff top valance. This valance will give a unique and classy look in your room. Thus, which one your wood window valances for sliding glass doors?

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