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Vivid yet Sparkling Ideas for Home Interior Color

Black And White Living Room

What passes through your mind when you hear something about home interior color? Well, even though it is actually an important point from a home design, the color composition is usually seen as something unessential. Most people think that the color on the home design is a peripheral aspect that doesn’t need to be noticed, when in fact it could be a potential aspect to create a stunning design for your home.

But then, what is it to be noticed from color picking when designing a home? Actually, the key is to fit in with the design concept. For example, when you got a modern contemporary home design, try to use simple color composition which is matched with the simple rule that this home design has.

And if you think you need some references about contemporary home interior color, here is an interesting design from a resident in Kuala Lumpur designed by Blue Water Studio that could be an example.

Kuala Lumpur Apartment

The home is built in a contemporary design concept. Everything is simple and modest in this home. White color is used a base color on the whole interior which makes the whole area looks wider and bigger. This plain color then combined with various brown color level that makes the final result is gorgeous.

The combination between white and brown itself is a good idea to create natural impression, which then combined with semi-open concept that applied.

Golden Accents Dining Area

The semi-open concept is beautifully applied through some openings inside this home. Almost every side of the house is equipped with a wide transparent glass which provides a full sigh to the outdoor area. The dark colored metal frame that used on the window makes the room look bolder and glamour.

Sheer blinds with similar color are also added to the window to provide more private space when needed. These are some home interior color inspirations you can use as reference.

Chic Bedroom Designs

Modern Bedroom Design

Modern Chic Bedroom

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