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Warm Portable Fireplace for Cozy Outdoor Space

Gorgeous Modern Style Small Portable Fireplace Glasses Designed

Bring the warmth anywhere you are by using the portable fireplace for both of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Today, it is not really hard to find this portable item on store. You can also order it online for cheaper price.

Unlike the fireplace we commonly know, this one does not require chimney. There are two types available, the electronic fireplace and the bio one. The electronic fireplace does not provide the real flame and is often used for heater. As for the bio fireplace, it provides the real flame by pouring the fuel, which is bio ethanol, to the burner.

Today, we will show you the use of beautiful portable fireplace for the cozy outdoor space, such as this gorgeous patio. Exposed with the lush green surrounding, this fresh patio will be a great spot for you to have a dinner with your family or friends since this space is also equipped with the wooden dining set.

Besides, adding the fireplace within this space will make you feel more comfortable during the cool nights too. The choice of wooden flooring blends perfectly with the greenery surrounding as well as making this space appears cozy too.

Gorgeous Portable Fireplace Design Wooden Floor

Moving to this patio, you can see the rounded bio fireplace used for this space. Its simple and minimalist design makes it possible to be placed on the shiny black top of the coffee table.

As to make this outdoor space feels more comfortable for lounging, you can see the marvelous bright orange nuance on the contemporary lounge chairs. The brick wall as the accent wall makes this space appears really inviting and cozy due its beautiful earthy tone.

Fantastic Outdoor Portable Fireplace on Black Coffee Table

Another unique yet beautiful portable fireplace design is also seen in this patio. Designed as the mid-century fireplace, this piece can stand out easily due its different design and appearance. A butterfly chair in clean white color is brought in this space, providing the comfortable seating for you.

You can also see the rustic wooden table that is equipped with the thin steel legs, thus making this piece looks really contemporary as well. What will stun you is the gorgeous rug placed on the brick flooring, which exposes the bright blue tone with accent of gold.

Stunning Portable Furniture Design Ideas with Wooden Table

Extraordinary Modern Minimalist Elegant Glasses Portable Fireplace

Magnificent Modern Minimalist White Color Portable Fireplace Design

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