Room darkening shades

light blocking shades

Why you should consider room darkening shades for your home

Here are a few examples of where you can use room darkening shades.

Room darkening shades

Room darkening shades

Room darkening shades work great for blocking unwanted bright sunlight in any room.  Whether you are just moving into a new house or are redoing the window treatments in your existing house, you should consider blackout shades for many different rooms and for several reasons.  An office perhaps, where the sunlight throws a distracting glare against the paperwork or computer screen, could benefit from light filtering shades.  Putting an infant to sleep is a tough task at times, and unwanted bright light in the nursery can make the task even more difficult.  Thus, light blocking shades could provide a solution to that problem.  Sometimes the sunlight beaming in from the window casts a glare across the television screen as you try to watch your favorite show.  You could install room darkening curtains or shades to cut out that unwanted glare.  For whatever reason, those shades will keep bright and annoying sunlight down.  To install these light blocking shades, you should first consider whether you want them to hang on the outside or the inside of the window.  These measurements will vary and so it is important to make this decision first.  After you have obtained the correct measurements you will need to decide what type of shade best suits your need.  There are many levels of darkening options.  You also need to decide if you want manual top up/bottom down shades or cordless single cell shades.  Your purchase can be made online through a window treatment specialty company or you can simply visit a home and garden store.  There you will find what you need.  You can also special order a specific design.  For example, if your child’s bedroom is completed in a Disney décor, you can order Disney cordless cellular blackout shades to blend right in with the other decorations.  Room darkening shades will be a great tool to providing shade and comfort to any room in your home.

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