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Wonderful L-Shaped Villa makes Beautiful Statement in Contemporary Design

Awesome Infinity Pool with Clear Lighting near the House

With spacious space sometimes you get confused of the perfect contemporary home that fit in but not looking too small and here is where L-shaped villa takes advantages of it. Being contemporary L-shaped villa means simple and sleek design but in the same time the house also does not look small. In the loop side of L shape there is rich rectangular pool which allow all side of the house gain the pool view.

This two story villa with basement in Upper Austria was part of two in a box- Architekten GMBH design. The house looks a bit floating above the ground and it is exactly what this L-shaped villa design trying to impress. The lower side of the villa looks like covered with pebbles and to enter the villa you need to reach the floating steps first. The wooden flooring on the patio looks simple and modest.

Sensational White Ceiling and Wood Shutters with Wooden Deck

But that is if you see in the back side. If you are looking from the front side of the simple villa, it is like the villa pool and garden are hovering above the basement. The villa itself looks fascinating with the use of combination of wood lacquer, concrete and glass material. The floating wooden stairs look very enchanted and it gets more attractive with the glass baluster and chrome plated railing. The entire beautiful villa looks bright and mesmerizing with the use of ceiling lamps along the hall and other part of the ceiling.

The house is actually divided into two sections which is the inner side of the villa and the semi outdoor. The semi outdoor space is where the patio belongs with ceiling but has direct connection to the outside. Some part of the patio is covered with wooden shade from floor to ceiling. In the semi outdoor space you also can place the outdoor dining table set which allow you and some family and friends enjoy the outdoor beauty. Obviously L-shaped villa design ideas will be great in spacious area with simple appearance.

Fascinating L Shaped House with White Wall and Wooden Shutters

Beautiful Night View Villa S with Fascinating Lighting

Wide Concrete Courtyard in front of Modern House

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