exterior sliding glass doors

aluminum exterior sliding glass doors

Wood and Aluminum Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

The usage of door is very important in our home. Door is not only used to protect our home from outsider to go inside our home easily but it also has increased function nowadays. The other function of door that nowadays use by people is also for increasing their home appearance. With choosing and installing proper door type with our home, it will give great exterior and interior appearance. As the prove for what the sentence said about the other function of door in our home, nowadays, many people start to look to install exterior sliding glass doors in their home especially in the backyard door to improve appearance from exterior and interior side.

Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

However, for people who also want to use special door type to improve their home appearance like other people who have already used it, people need to know first about what kinds of door types that available in the market nowadays. With having that knowledge about door type, people can choose perfectly about the door type that they will install in their home. There are six common door types, which we can see in the market or home usage. In swing, out swing, left hand, right hand, lite, and divide lite are the door types which we will discuss one by one in this article before we will go to the next step about how to choose the perfect exterior door. The in swing door is the door that open to the inside while out swing is the door type that open to the outside. Left hand door type is the door that still use hinge mechanism and the hinge usage is located in our left hand position while right hand is the door that has hinge in our right hand position. Lite door type is the door that uses full glass appearance while divide lite is the door type that use big glass divided appearance. The entire door explanation assumes we look the door from the exterior.

What Criteria to be used to Choose Perfect Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

Aluminum Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

After we have learnt about the door types that available in this time, it is the time for us to discuss about the criteria or about the perfect method to choose perfect exterior sliding glass doors that will be used with extremely gain climate exposure. Because of that, we will need to choose proper door material to use it as exterior door. There are many materials, which can classify as the solid and strong material to be used in exterior. Aluminum and wood is the common materials to use for creating the frame of the door that use sliding door mechanism.

Aluminum is the strongest material, which commonly chooses by people who want to have long life door especially sliding door type. With using aluminum, people will only need low cost in maintenance and it can resist the climate exposure that must be gained by exterior usage purpose. However, for people who want to use aluminum as the frame of their exterior sliding door, they will need to pay more money because aluminum is the materials that have little expensive cost if we compare with other material cost.

Exterior Wood Sliding Glass Doors

Moreover, for wood material, people are suggested to take maple wood, which has already proven, can give great durability for exterior usage. The maple wood is common usage for the frame of sliding door because it is the strongest wood that can give great appearance too if we want to use it as the frame of exterior sliding glass doors.

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